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oh mama, I'm so sorry. But so glad your family is alright! Maybe you could think about what you miss the most now that you don't have it, and the things that you haven't missed much since you lost htose things and that might help you set your priorities. It helps me to think of my stuff in terms of, "is this helping me acheive my goals in life?" if not, then out it goes. HTH! Best of luck to you and your family, you will be in my thoughts!
Hi, Mama of a TV-Free family here. I haven't read all the posts, but I just wanted to chime in, and say that I would love to participate in a TV-Free sub forum!
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleYellow This would be a great conversation for a TV-Free Forumn!!! Is there one here?
Because if someone's going to buy non-stick anyway, you may as well keep yours out of the landfill and prevent more PFOAs from entering the waste stream via new production. UNLESS, these pans are scratched. This could cause the new owners to injest some teflon
I am!
Chances are, saving them won't be worth the trouble, even IF you or your kids used them in the future. Think of how fun it'll be to buy a new sling to carry your grandbabies in someday! I say you take em' on down to TTP and let some new moms and babes benefit from them right away instead of letting them take up space and get dusty and unused for years....if they ever get used!
I just ordered it from my local bookstore. Thanks for recommendation!
I'd keep some for storage and whatever else. I have about 10, and I use them for all kinds of different purposes. Donate the rest.
Quote: I did accidentally knock the box off the place it was resting and broke one already, so one down I guess! Quote: I accidentally (I swear it was an accident) broke a 3 foot high Christmas decoration she had made for DH using Christmas lights and baby food jars from when DH had been a baby that she had kept for over 30 years! Oh, c'mon. You guys don't have to lie on MDC. We're not gonna tell anyone.
Quote: For those going through the same process, how long did it take before you really felt you had just about gotten to the point you wanted to be? I started seriously decluttering(a milk crate to the thrift store everyday) in Nov. '06 and did that until about Apr. or May '07(a milkcrate per week) and just now have slowed to one milkcrate a month. I like to call it maintenence level decluttering. Finally!! I think I probably thought I was done...
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