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I'll have to check that out. I really liked Don Aslett's Clutters Last Stand.
My son just turned 3, he's my only child for now. I recently started doing yoga classes every morning at 7 or 7:30 and it has really helped my self-esteem. That time has become very sacred to me and has helped me be a better mom. I'm very fortunate that on days that classes are later in the morning my husbands job is flexible enough, that he can stay home a little later and watch ds. I also volunteer for my local women's shelter and go out for girls night's with my...
This is a really good thread. Love it! ~Not missing a thing in my ds' life. Watching him grow and learn. ~Feeling fulfilled after a hard days(or months) work. ~Housework and organizing(i know, I know, I'm a strange one) Hate it! ~Cooking ~Like onemoremom, I struggle with lack of motivation. The lack of structure is tough for me, I'm not good at setting my own routine sometimes. ~Lonliness.
Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy There plans are for a saftey forum which will cover recalls, water saftey, home saftey, carseats and other aspects of that issue. We are talking through it now and it will be added soon. Yay!
Quote: Originally Posted by lrmama I know how you feel. My dh gets to be the "fun" parent, and I'm the one who's always here for the every day stuff. Making lunch, giving baths, cleaning up the toys...not really the kind of stuff that wows a kid, yk? I try not to take it personally, but it's hard when they run to daddy after work and leave their mama in the dust! Yep, this is how I feel too.
Quote: I am an odd bird -- maybe -- i see a great ammount of accomplishment in a stack of clean alundry Me too. I'm a simple sort of gal I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by tamagotchi It is hurtful to me when people say this. DS and I are out of the house all the time with various activities too, but I am still bored a lot of the time. I always really enjoyed work and school, and it is a really big change for me to spend all day with a baby or toddler. I was just thinking about this. I think one reason I never get bored is that before sah I didn't really have a job that I was...
We've learned to "live without" certain things that aren't nesessities, that we considered to be sacrafices at the time, but now don't miss at all, such as; ~cable tv ~cell phones ~buying new ~2nd car
I have $100k. So does DH.
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