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Quote: Originally Posted by fuller2 The author is very likely a paid consultant to anti-environmental groups. (Look at his web sites & affiliations.) He doesn't believe in global warming and is part of the conservative movement to discredit science and environmentalism. I would take this article with a grain of salt. : : : :
I would take the info in this article with a large grain of salt, because of the writer. He is a huge anti-environment advocate. He started the website that claims that global warming is a hoax, in response to Al Gores documentary. The article is written with a clear slant. Just the same though, we should definitely educate ourselves on the health, safety, and environmental implications of any products in our homes.
I had my physical exam for school sports when I was 12, and my teammates talked about the pelvic exam. Some of us had it and others didn't. I was terrified! But much to my relief, my doc skipped it. It's obviously not a huge deal if some docs skip it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jlutgendorf Don't even try to understand her. She cares about the dog now, because she can't have him. She doesn't want him, but she doesn't like that you took something of her's away. Ignore them and let Cyris live out his last days in peace and comfort. ~Julia I think you hit the nail right on the head there Julia. My SM is a huge control freak, and it seems that she is unable to relinquish that control...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nyima I think the dog would magically disapear while he was at the park one day. He would be transported out of town and dropped off at a shelter in a neighboring town, at taht point a call would be placed to great dane rescue. All the while I'd just be hoping and praying that he wasn't microchipped.
Thank you for your replies. Dh and I have decided that if Cyris' quality of life deteriorates at all, that we will not prolong his pain and that we will have him put down when he starts to have trouble getting around and getting up or loses his appetite etc. SM says that she can't stand to see my Dad so sad, and that is why she wants Cyris to come home. My Dad says that he misses him some, but thinks he is better off here with us, and that she's exaggerating : I...
I am in a pickle with my Dad and Step-Mom over our dog, Cyris. My SM took Cyris to the vet because of a large bump on his leg and the vet diagnosed him with malignant bone-cancer.The vet said to think in terms of weeks, not months to live. And my all-knowing SM decided that the vet was wrong and that he just had a sprain. I've been wanting to take him from them for awhile since I 've moved back to town because of the way they treat him and my SM's dog, Angel. My dad has...
Quote: Originally Posted by zoebird i'm glad that you enjoyed it! now you have to join our regular thread! Yes!
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