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Hi Ladies, I just had my first care appt. this is preg. #3, and I should be 21 weeks, but measured 30 cm! Any thoughts! Wowsers! We have scheduled for an ultrasound, but it isn't until April 09th, my birthday, and it seems so far away!
Yup, here it is . http://www.tznius.com/cgi-bin/product.pl?productid=259 I wear it further back on my head, with a couple of clippies in the front to hold it on. You can leave your hair loose, or you can put it in a pony tail, bun etc. My hair is short (growing out - I was bald last August, before I was saved!), so this works great for me, also gives the illusion of longer hair when I wear the black one. I could totally use more! They do get a bit pilly after...
Hi Folks, DD is 4.5 and is having digestive weakness which is causing allergies/exczema etc. apparently. So, a practicioner recommended solaray digestive enzymes, but they have HCL in them (she said to just mix with meat) but I don't want HCL on her teeth 3x/day KWIM? I also called the manufacturer and they said they couldn't recommend that...so...now we have her on a papaya/bromelaine chewable. But I'm wondering if anyone else has other advice? Any digestive...
I am a Christian, for one year now, and I cover. When the Lord first led me to it, through a few different avenues, I was so excited, covering, along with dressing modestly, was one of the first indications I had in my life that Jesus Christ had FREED me. I know some women see these things as restrictions, but for me, it was oh so freeing. I never again will have to worry about 'trying' to attract attention that I cannot lawfully fulfill, nor do I want to. I started...
Hi Folks, I've been awol for a long time, but am checking in again! We are now expecting our third blessing - yay! God bless, Jennifer
Keeping for my kids - emergency light weight toques! Found a use today .
Hi Folks, We need to learn to sight read music in a bad way! Any resources? We need to be able to read our hymnal without having a recording available! Thanks!
Praying afish .
Thanks , you know how it can get, when you get all excited...thinking about the possibility . Dh is going 'stop obsessing!' I took a test today , even though I'm only 10 DPO most likely, and it was neg. But I'll test on Friday and that should be a good indicator .
Ooops, originally posted in Fertility, then read the sticky , seem slike this is the place I should be posting! Hi Ladies, Can I get some advice/help!? I am nursing two kiddos, they'll be a year and 4 years in April. I haven't menstruated yet, but I think I ovulated this month, around the 7 - 9th, I felt sort of funny (haven't ever felt ovulations in the past...but I felt a bit dizzy/crampy) , that started the day I told God I was ready for another baby . A...
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