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Yes, it sounds as though they didn't even bother to check immunity after the first dose.
Here is one study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9080938
When you look at the CDC site (on the parent's pages) they come up with a very high death rate pre-vaccine, but they don't give a year. So pre-vaccine could be anywhere from 1910 to ? http://lingli.ccer.edu.cn/he2007/rea..._product_1.pdf This article gives the best evaluation of the overall trends I've been able to find. See the charts on page 418 and on page 423 and then read from there to the end of the article.
Heathergirl, Mumps numbers you presented are certainly interesting. What you left out: how many of the cases with complications were in teens and adults. I've never seen such an evaluation of pre-vaccine deaths and complications where the numbers weren't distorted or manipulated in some way to make things look worse than they actually were. And I've looked through a number of them. Thanks for the research.
Actually, no, drug companies also test other stuff against established drugs. Because you can't leave a sick person untreated. I got this from a book I read on Vioxx. One of the Vioxx studies tested it against a well-established painkiller. There was an increase in heart disease deaths in the Vioxx arm. Merck argued that the well-established painkiller had a previously unnoticed protective effect against heart problems.
Eradicate mumps? Why? Why spend millions of dollars, inflict live virus vaccines on toddlers, give boosters throughout life...to try to eradicate an illness that is incredibly mild in almost all children. We have a really different take on reality. See, I go with that old saying about special cases making bad law. The justification for vaccinating against mumps is that it is, very rarely, dangerous for a small group of children. The argument that it is dangerous for...
Speaking as a government employee (on a very low level), every once in a while someone will have to demonstrate that they are doing something about this or that "problem." I'll bet that there is some sort of official concern in Colorado about how "low" the vaccine rates are. So some bureaucrat decided to send out letters to a bunch of families whose vaccine records are incomplete or whatever. They have no power to actually do anything and probably no particular interest...
Here is an interesting article on vaccines from India, arguing against adding a pentavalent vaccine which includes Hib to their schedule. http://jacob.puliyel.com/download.php?id=212
Well, yes and no, heathergirl. For example, polio was floating around for thousands of years. But paralytic polio was not. It is a disease of modernity. Mumps keeps popping up, in spite of the vaccine. Unfortunately, it is popping up in teens and young adults, where it is a much more dangerous and painful illness. Pertussis, as has been widely discussed on this board, circulates like mad, despite the vaccine. Hib and Prevnar both create issues of serotype replacement,...
Japan doesn't have polio. http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/japan.aspx Official CDC info on travel to Japan. I would use this as a starting point and then do independent research on anything the CDC recommends. They are totally, insanely, pro-vaccine.
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