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No, I remember the previous discussion. I don't think they took the vaccine out of use, but it wasn't recommended. Now they seem to have decided that the risk is worth it? To whom?
There are a lot of resources. If time permits, check your public library to see if they have any books on vaccination. There is one by Aviva Jill Romm which is quite good. Sounds as though your DS survived the surgery in good order. How is he doing now, at 9 weeks?
That sort of headline only works on people who aren't in the habit of actually thinking. What it really means: Our previous use of this vaccine endangered toddlers. Now we figured out a way to endanger not quite as many. Step right up with your kids!
Quote: Originally Posted by INF-ß There are at least 20 antigens in the B. pertussis organism including ACT that are immunogenic and that can be used in future vaccines. Of course, only time will tell. Time has told. This vaccine has been in use for over 60 years. Pertussis is still endemic. Perhaps they are dreaming that vaccinating 90% or 95% of the total population will have an effect? But adults simply aren't compliant with...
One obvious question: how is the vaccine going to provoke an immune response if the baby doesn't have an immune system?
I get the feeling there is a scaremongering flop around the influenza in certain circles
My grandkids both got it at a CP party. They shared lollipops (organic, of course) and also shared a musical instrument with a mouthpiece. It can be hard to get kids who are strangers to hug each other. I'm trying to get a booster to reduce my chances of shingles, so I've been eating the last bits of food out of their dishes with the same spoon or fork, and also hugging and touching. Other kids have been turning up with their parents, hoping to catch it. Same business...
It may have mutated, but I've seen high failure numbers from this vaccine going back to the 1950s. I think it was always a crap vaccine and depended on two things to make it look better: misdiagnosis and the general drop in whooping cough deaths in infants due to improved living conditions and medical care. Still, the vaccine MAY have reduced the severity of the illness in some infants. Whether it was effective enough to justify all the horrendous reactions and illness...
Yeah, I'm not sure the Vitamin D thing works. Because peak pertussis, I've been told, is in August in the Northern Hemisphere.
I wouldn't call the vaccine totally useless for babies, because in some babies it can reduce the severity of the symptoms. On the other hand, the vaccine has considerable risks. Even in the improved form (see improved in quotes) it is one of the more reactive vaccines. Finally, there is the not so tiny problem of "original antigenic sin". Do some searches on this term and, if you can find it, read the article by Cherry. I think the vaccine is a mistake. Certainly,...
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