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Manonash, Some of the information you've got about the "fraud" doctor as you call him is very far off target. I think you need to do some more research before you make up your minds. For example, Andrew Wakefield definitely didn't hold a patent on THE single measles vaccine. Merck did. They decided to quit making singles. I'm at work and don't have time to run around getting links and stuff, sorry!
luminesce, Thanks for the feedback on my very rough analysis. I didn't claim to really know how that works I was just trying to show that more vaccines would likely mean more reactions. When it comes to the individual, my take is that for each vaccine the chance of a reaction is either zero or one hundred percent. This is true for drugs in general. For example, if you get the package insert of a particular drug and it says that 80% of the people who took the drug had no...
Quote: Originally Posted by CellarDoor What is SA? I'm freaking out here a bit b/c my 4.5 yo has a small cold and a nasty cough every once in awhile (worse at night). She also has a weird rash, so we're off to the doc tomorrow. I also have a 10 month old. Any recs on prevention if it is pertussis? There are some threads in the archives under pertussis with detailed descriptions of how to care for an infant with the illness. For an older...
Oh my! I know there have been problems with pre-term babies and vaccines. I don't have time to do any searching tonight, but there was one study in the last year or two about breathing problems following vaccination. I would hold off on any vaccines until you have had a chance to do some research. Best wishes for you and the baby!
Hope it turns out to be just a cold. But if it is pertussis you are on the right track with SA. Good luck!
much more comfortable to blame the parents who question vaccination than it would be to face up to the shortcomings of the vaccine. I'll make a prediction. At some point, someone will develop a new vaccine against pertussis which actually prevents transmission and carriage of this bug. At that point it will be admitted that the old vaccine didn't really work. But not before then.
It is endemic and then there is a surge every few years. Not sure if it is 3 or 5. Funny, Marnica and I were posting at the same time. Somewhere between 3 to 5 years, I guess!
Not so OT at all mamaofthree. Thanks for confirming the pressure you folks are under. Which translates to pressure on the patient.
No, that is helpful. I knew that there was something called utilitarianism (greatest good for the greatest number), but I wasn't at all clear on how it might apply in this particular case. The cannibal situation seems more akin, to me, of the pressure on medical staff to give vaccinations, even if they may have doubts about the safety and appropriateness for a particular child at a particular time. There isn't room for individual practitioners to make individual...
the doctors screwed up-- kid's got a fever? give her tylenol. Diagnose her over the phone. Good heavens!
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