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Yeah the whole "Paris Hilton started it" thing makes me wonder if people have been living under a rock. It's been common practice for a long long time. Maybe it's just getting more common in North America? When I lived in Europe people brought dogs to restaurants. (They are outdoors, but they were still there). Actually, when I lived in Montreal it was pretty common too. Very few restaurants were pet-free. I think that's a bit much, since not everyone likes dogs and some...
As for not leashing the dogs- I really do hate that. It's dangerous to people, your pets, and other people's pets. If you love your dogs, leash your dogs.
There are plenty of animals I don't like and am even afraid of, but animal cruelty is something that really turns my stomach. Dying in a hot car, as pets and babies do every year, is actually a painful death. I did say that people should respect the "No Pets" policy that is in place in most parts of North America. (In Paris you'd be fully invited to go piss up a rope, btw, and I am not saying that's fair). I just think that animal cruelty is not a healthy response.
As of right now, 57% of members like the new UA, while a total of 42% want either the old UA back or something in between. Personally, I'd like something in between.
Well, even some of the mods have supported less moderation. People on the Trolls board, believe it or not, are also AP/NFL. Most have done extended breast feeding, most are against RIC, practically all do not spank. Have they a beef with MDC, yes, they do. But I think plenty of people here did not like the old UA.
I think with the new UA, people are going to bring up topics they couldn't before, and it isn't always for dramatic purposes. I've had questions for years and could never ask them. MDC has alienated many former devoted members, and, well, yes the atmosphere is tense now. But we need to clear the air, and that might mean MDC has to take a few licks. They are trying to improve with this new UA, and I've seen several things stay up that would have been locked before the...
Exactly. Since they were held up as a triumph of alternative medicine, it's important that the truth be shared in case anyone believes they should follow their example.
Well, Naomi Aldort felt the need to claim a PhD to sell her book and charge people hundreds of dollars for her advice.
Naomi Aldort claimed to have had a PhD and countless people all over the Internet have tried to find out where she got it to no avail. She never disclosed where she got it and finally, she has dropped that claim from her own web site. She justified charging people $150 an hour under the claim that she had qualifications she does not have. Claiming a doctorate you do not have is a very serious form of fraud.
It was more that the case of Christine Maggiore was held up as a model of success to beat HIV/AIDS when in fact, she and her daughter died early deaths. Directly due to lack of treatment. Furthermore, there was no speculation- the only person to question the autopsy was a veterinarian unqualified to do so. The science was irrefutable, making the denial of the cause of death a near cover-up. There is a difference between discussion of alternative/complementary home...
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