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I don't see the point in a thumbs down icon. I don't really see the point of a thumbs up. If the post is in violation of the UA, report it. If the post is awesome, respond to it.
I'm not arguing that. But I have seen such language in CAC in the past. Considering the things that have been falling through the cracks around here lately I don't think MDC can afford to have bigotry sneak onto the site, anywhere. The CAC would be a soft target.
It is when posters condemn Jewish people and their religion and accuse them of being barbaric baby rapers as has happened. Paternalism and majority privilege- you have it!  
  Were some of the posts already removed? It looked disjointed and hard to read. Poor OP, though.
But was I in the general ballpark?
  I *think* what she meant was that she got a warning for discussing religious circumcision when she wasn't. I don't agree with anything else Arduinna has said in this thread, but I think that's a misunderstanding. The CAC forum is not allowed to host debates on religious circ and rightly so considering who tries to sneak out of the woodwork anyway.    
Really? I think as of late MDC needs to work harder at keeping the religious bigotry and racism off the site. The CAC, even during heavily moderated days, had a lot of veiled anti-Semitism that gave me the creeps. If I had gone to Storm Front I don't think I could have dealt with nastier people.  
I'd like to add, though, that many people who consider themselves quiverfull also hold other beliefs, which is why sites like No Longer Quivering are necessary.
Well, that seems to be what Cappucinosmom was saying. For some being quiverfull means not using birth control, while for others it means having as many children as you possibly can.
New Posts  All Forums: