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I don't know. I don't watch the show, and I've heard some say they do wean early, others say they don't.  
Wait- weren't some of the recipients of his tweets underage? In which case, yes, he should resign.
They might mean they are not members of a church or organization that is quiverfull, but they do seem to fit the definition I've always heard- that you allow as many children as God sends your way with no interference.
  Well, Evangelical Christian is an umbrella term and many Baptists fall under it. They're not different denominations.    
What bothered me about the old UA was that it seemed to be very selectively applied. I liked the expectations that people be gentle and respectful, but was flabbergasted at what was never addressed. For example, the attacks on anyone who doubted the safety of UC. The attacks on Jewish mothers who circumcised. The "All Adoption Is Child Abuse" no matter what. And it wasn't for lack of reporting.   I think the board is too large for both heavy moderation and too light...
Yes, I noticed this too. I would say we could moderate for downright meanness, but I think it's important that MDC not shut down every dissenting opinion. As for the UC board, I don't think it should be *support only* if there are people out there that know for a fact a poster is uninformed about the risks she is taking. Even quite few UCers themselves will agree that not every birth should be attempted that way.   It's not okay for people to be mean on this board, I...
Yeah, I agree. No grosser, really.
Wow. I sympathize with allergies but leaving a dog in a hot car is just cruel. Hate the way this is worded, even if I agree no-pet places should be no-pet places.
My dad has a chihuahua/doxie mix and boy would she love to be carried around all day. Preferably babyworn. Chihuahuas can indeed get clingy, and she has chosen him as her human. (Mom can take a hike).   I'll be honest, seeing a dog always makes me smile, even if they are in a silly purse.
  What she said wasn't callous and rude? Even if she misunderstood? No Dr. Seuss and Ghandi quotes for her?    
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