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www.dotolearn.com has some quite nice stuff that I've used in the past.
No, I don't think she's that specific about it. I think my 4 year old phrases it differently, I think she says "Mummy gives me milk". She has specified to other adults and has received some prett uncalled for out of line responses, but my daycare provider deals with it really effectively (the only situations where that's happened is when I've been at work) so I don't think it's caused any lasting damage.
The bodice will be slightly rounded to fit that skirt so what I would do is cut it as it should be, then recut after moving the pattern piece upwards so that you preserve the line. Does that make sense? It does in my head lol
I nightweaned my ds at 16 months and he continued to nurse until he was 4 and a few months. Do I think it was completely child led? Well no. But it was as child led as I could manage it to be at the time, which meant no night nursing for us, but unrestricted access during the day when I wasn't at work (part time).
My dd stopped wanting bottles at around 16 months iirc. She was having 5x 4 ounce bottles until then, but stopped asking for them and only drinking a little when they were offered at around 14 months. She nursed (nurses in fact) a lot though, but reached a stage where getting milk from source was more important than getting milk if that makes sense. She'll be 4 next month and shows no signs of slowing down at all, which I was very worried about when she stopped wanting...
Ds is 6 and loves Roald Dahl and a series of books called Littlenose.
Quote: Originally Posted by geekmoma I could have written your post, except that it's about my own almost 4-year-old DD. From the age of 2, she loved colorful design or "girly" design on her clothing. Starting from 2.5 she became obsessed with pink and Disney princesses, mainly picked up from her playmates. She loves to watch movies of all kinds (including robots, animals and cars), but stays fascinated only to those with pretty girls and princesses....
When ds was around 3.5 he started cutting down a lot. At one stage he didn't ask to nurse for 2 weeks and just said no thanks when I offered. I honestly thought he'd weaned. 2 weeks after that he asked to nurse and kept on going regularly until just after he turned 4. About a month after his 4th birthday I noticed that he was starting to skip days again. Then he started to say that there was milk there, which I knew wasn't the case because I was nursing his baby...
Not me, ds weaned at 4 and a few months, no idea when dd will wean, but wanted to say well done to you. Your son is a very lucky boy!
My dd is 3.5 now and nursing certainly still replaces a fairly substantial snack for her sometimes, so I'm assuming I have plenty of milk. Whatever the case, I have enough for her. I hear her gulping at night if I'm awake long enough, but during the day we're seldom in a situation where it's quiet enough for me to hear it.
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