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It's the Indigo Girls. You'd be crazy to NOT go. Since when should breastfeeding mean constant martyrdom? I catch that vibe on here sometimes... 8 months is old enough to drink from a cup. Skip the bottle and try to give the baby a cup of BM (maybe even a sippy, if you're desperate and it's occasional: ) Enjoy your concert!!
Quote: Originally Posted by darien are my 34m ds' words for "yesterday, today, and tomorrow." What words have your little ones come up with? Come on-- show us the cute.
Quote: Originally Posted by muckemom you are now banned for questioning the authenticity of banning... FOR SHAME
I keep seeing "banned" under user names. I've looked all over FAQ and I can't figure out what this is alluding to. Anyone? TIA!
Double :
Quote: Originally Posted by Naomi'sMommy I'm sorry I asked anything. I just didn't know and was trying to get advice and...I'm sorry people feel that I'm "forcing" my baby to eat. I really thought this community would be good for me as I BF, NIP, agree with child-led weaning, am anti-circ (but don't have a boy), babywearer, etc....but I guess if I feed my baby solids before she's a year I must be the devil. Anywho...back to BBC for me....Sorry if...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2tadpoles I'm not really on board with censorship, which is probably why I find MDC so frustrating at times. Hm. I kind of agree with this statement. I feel like I can't really elaborate on why I agree without breaking a UA violation again. Quote: Originally Posted by 2tadpoles Likewise, my Happy Bunny t-shirt is not really your business. Happy Bunny is innocuous enough (IMO), but...
Sorry to hijack. Just wanted to tell Rachel that I totally heart your kids' names.
Quote: Originally Posted by Naomi'sMommy Hey! I'm a FTM and I have tried EVERYTHING to get my girl to eat. She lets everything roll out of her mouth! Will not swallow! Is this okay? normal? We started about two weeks ago (when she turned 7 months). I've tried avocado, prune, sweet potato, oatmeal cereal, banana. So far she'll only swallow sweet potato and banana and even then she hardly eats any and will refuse to open her mouth. I go, "AHHH" to try to...
Quote: Originally Posted by nonconformnmom Right. And it's not just jeans, or clothes, or stuff at Claire's. It's school notebooks, lunchboxes, bicycles (oh, the part in the book about bicycles really ticked me off!), videogames, and on and on and on. It's anger issues, anxiety disorders, eating disorders... whether or not you buy the sh**. Not buying the stuff and saying that your influence as a parent will supercede the allure of marketing...
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