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Oh man, that makes me so nostalgic. My grandpa has a balance board just like the one in the second link in his house. It's been used by his 10 children, 30-ish grandchildren, dozen great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild and is still in good shape. I have such fond memories of having balance board tournaments with my siblings and cousins - it is such a great toy!
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeen I could really use some tips here. We're supposed to go to nana's tomorrow for her bday and for whatever reason it didnt occur to me until late last night that this is going to be an issue. Their house is extremely not childfriendly, and hes at an age where hes into everything. Im not planning on staying long anyway, because they said to be there at 3, which means we likely wont be eating before 7, and DS' bedtime is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Latte Mama It seems to be just a little loose so I'm hopeful. I figured that the dentist really won't do much so not sure if going is worth it. I gave him a couple of soft frozen fruit pops and some motrin and he's now napping. I'll keep him on soft foods for the next few days as well. I hope it does stabilize like your DS'. It's DEFINITELY worth taking him to the dentist, and sooner rather than later....
DS sleeps from about 7:30 or 8pm until between 7 and 8am. He doesn't usually nap. We're lucky enough to live about 3 minutes away from DH's work, so DS sees him in the morning before work, after work, and often at lunch time.
If possible, I always park in the shade.
DS is 41" and 36 lbs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa1970 They are happy with her grades, they just do not allow freshmen to take any math above geometry for 9th grade. This would be a deal breaker for me. It sounds like your daughter is bright and good at math and science. With all of the unavoidable obstacles out there for girls and women who want to study or work in STEM fields, I would hesitate to discourage her abilities by sending her to a school where an...
Neighbor B should build a fence on their side of the property line and pay for all of it.
It really varies by area. There are some parts of FL that have a high COL, and some parts that have a very low COL. One big plus no matter where you live is that there is no state income tax and relatively low sales tax compared to most other states.
I took 10 hours this summer (3 classes) and it was a little bit crazy! My school's summer terms are really weird - I took 2 courses over the 11 week term, and one in an 8 week term that ended before the longer term. So for most of the summer I was taking all 3 classes, and it was a lot. The classes weren't terribly difficult, but they were all very time consuming. The worst part was when I had 2 or 3 exams or major assignments at the same time, there would be a day or...
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