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I get highlights done every 6 weeks at a salon. 
   Aww thank you. That guest room is my favorite too. The artwork, lamps and some of the books have been in my family for a long time. The second guest room needs artwork and some brighter accessories. I haven't gotten around to putting the foot board on the frame either.   You hit the nail on the head... the green is boring and limiting. I'd rather have a more neutral colored sectional or sofa and then be able to change the colors of the pillows (seasonally).   Re paper...
I've been meaning to post pics in this thread for ages but always end up forgetting. Finally got around to taking some today. We're pretty minimal though I wouldn't call us true minimalists. We've slowly been replacing our "college days" furniture (the horrible green sectional is about to be replaced) and starting to really decorate which is fun. I have some very large blank walls in my great room that definitely need art and I'd like to get a rug for the dining room....
He's getting his favorite dessert (creme brulee) and he hasn't gotten back to me about the choices I gave him for dinner (I think he's probably going to go with steak au poivre). DS is giving him a homemade card and I am giving him a (store bought) card, his favorite cologne and three hours with his tattoo artist to finish his sleeve. 
Our house is 3200 sq ft with 4 bedrooms (plus an office/den) 3.5 baths. Two adults and one kiddo but we have lots of family and friends that visit so the guest rooms upstairs get used regularly. We like having the space.
  Ditto. I really enjoy working and there is no way I would ever be a SAHM long term. I just wouldn't feel financially secure. I was a SAHM for my sons first year and I've never been more bored in my life. It's interesting because when I went back to work I started to manage my time and the household more efficiently     Hmmm lets see...   - We used sposies at night before DS potty trained. - I regularly use bleach to mop floors and in the laundry. - I have no desire to...
DS is about to turn 3 in August. For his last two birthdays we have done homemade cupcakes that go with the theme of the party. We always have other dessert options on our dessert table as well for the folks who aren't cake fans. Cupcakes are so easy... but for his third I am thinking about doing a proper cake.   His first birthday was a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme:      For his second birthday we did a Woodland/Gnome theme:  
Front Entrance/Hallway: Get new bins for the expedit DS keeps toys in Paint! Right now it's like a beige tomb... I'm thinking Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue <---- Will be getting paint this week Scrub grout (ugh) Clear mail from console table and possibly get a decorative tray? Mop and dust Decorate for Halloween Family Room: Hang paintings Clean sofa/upholstery Organize media area Mop and dust Clean windows (double ugh) Decorate for Halloween  
Agreed.   My DH used to have a Ducati 900 Super Sport... we lived out in the country though so we weren't usually bothering our neighbors. He sold it when I got pregnant with DS and we moved to suburbia. 
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