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Wendy's chili or a chick fil a grilled chicken sandwich
Tentatively joining... I'm about to apply for a Masters degree that will take us from being completely debt free to 15K in debt I'm in the process of researching loan options. -What is your number one played song on your ipod....or other musical device of any kind.... iPod: Idan Raichel's Project - Mima'amakim and cell: Nichole Alden - "Baby Now" -What is one of your favourite quotes? It's a toss up between these two: "Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing...
Oo me! Front Entrance/Hallway: Get new bins for the expedit DS keeps toys in Paint! Right now it's like a beige tomb... I'm thinking Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue Scrub grout (ugh) Clear mail from console table and possibly get a decorative tray? Mop and dust Decorate for Halloween Family Room: Hang paintings Clean sofa/upholstery Organize media area Mop and dust Clean windows (double ugh) Decorate for Halloween
Just about done (just gotta rearrange the desk a bit and wait for salvation army to pick up one of the chairs).
Aww thanks ladies... neither closet in the master was an efficient use of space before those systems were put in. It took 3 days to do both closets and it costs less to go with IKEA's Pax frames than the Allen + Roth closet systems we were looking at at Lowes!   I love this thread... One of these days I'm going to stop being lazy and post pics of our whole house.  
Making slow and steady progress... as soon as DS clues me in on where he has hidden the camera I'll take pics.
    I'm thinking of redoing mine too. Maybe adding some wood shelves to replace the wire one in there now. My front hall/utility closet:         I just finished putting in closet systems in our two master closets. We "hacked" a couple PAX (IKEA) systems:   DH's closet:         And this is my closet:    
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