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I only have one niece right now (who is almost exactly one month older than my DS) and I adore her.
This is me also. DS is almost two and we have a really good rhythm right now. One child is sooooo easy (to me) and I really hesitate to change that. DS was/is such an easy going kid. Great appetite, has slept well from the beginning. His pregnancy was a peace of cake. I'm scared my good luck will run out with the second :lol but a part of me really wants to go through it all again and give him a sibling.
I've seen kaleidoscope for cheap ($2) at World Market.
Well I made the finger puppets but the other stuff I mentioned in my post are things I see in the dollar sections at Target and Michaels (the craft store).
Finger puppets are a great idea... I'm doing those as part of my DS' 2nd birthday favors. You could also do crayons or paints and mini coloring books. Targets dollar section always has mini terracotta growing kits that are fun. Kid size magnifying glasses go over pretty well in that age range too.
I agree.. you worded it perfectly  
DH and I are having a laugh about it but only because today is our 6th year anniversary.    
Awesome find!    
Exactly!   While I find the term somewhat amusing I have to disagree with the "poverty tourist" also. Part of the definition of the word frugal is also being economical (i.e. not wasteful) and that is something a lot of people strive for regardless of income level. We are not poor. We do buy as much organic produce and meat that we can manage (though I'll admit I have never spent $15 on a gallon of milk... organic meat tends to be our biggest ticket item.) We budget for...
Once a day everyday usually... I live in Florida and work out 4 to 5 days a week so it's a must for me. I only shampoo and condition my hair every third day though. It dries out if I wash it more frequently than that.     
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