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Most of the time I wear one at home. I'm not huge (32B) so I can get away with not wearing one but I usually do. I feel I look better in my clothes when I'm wearing a bra and we tend to have visitors stopping by regularly during the day (neighbors, family, friends, the UPS guy lol) so I'm more comfortable wearing one than not.    
treeoflife3 I love your place... its so open and airy feeling. Very cool that you built your own bed!   OT but how does your DD like the Plan Toys trike? I'm trying to decide between that one and a Schwinn         
Serendipity I'm in love with your TV cabinet! We have a lot of mid century modern pieces from our grandparents too.    
We have three bedrooms upstairs... two guest rooms and the third is DS' room.   Guest room 1 has a queen size bed, two nightstands, 6 drawer dresser, mirror, bookcase and antique trunk under one of the windows that acts as a seat. We store our heavy winter boats in the top of the closet.    Guest room 2 has a queen size bed, two nightstands, two lamps, some books, small chair, chest that stores extra blankets and an elliptical machine. We store some of the glass...
Carter... had to google it because I'm not American.     ETA: DH just informed me the site I checked was wrong and it was actually Reagan... oops!    
Couldn't agree with you more mama!    
I LOVE throwing parties (any kind... kid, adult, theme, small, large etc). We love to entertain and do so often. I agree with ChristyMarie though... if it's not your thing then don't do it!
HTH It's a great theme and your DD is going to have a blast! Can't wait to see the pics  
Wow! I'm impressed *high fives*   We have 2 sets of guests coming this weekend also... so far I've:   Put up all our Easter decorations Washed all the linens and towels in the guest bedrooms and bathrooms My usual end of week cleaning   Not cleaning related but I also potted 3 new houseplants, mulched the front, sides and back yard beds and hung two canvases DH painted recently.   I'm hoping to finish cleaning all the windows tomorrow but I'm not sure...
New Posts  All Forums: