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are you in Fremont Ohio or Indiana? You say West of toledo?
I have taken sheep, cows, and other stuff... for partial payment of births.  (I live and work in farm/Amish country).     You would ned to talk to your midwife, but she might be ok with allowing him to just purchase the supplies and you get that whole amount off.  It's wonderful if she will do this for you!      
It's an Amish owned birth center, the majority of those who have delivered there are Amish and they do not have computers.  The few who are not Amish that have delivered there, are not on this site (mothering)   But if I can answer any of your questions I would be happy to. You can either call me or PM me. Ireena
I am about 2-2.5 hours from you.  there is a birth center about the same distance or so from you too.  (in michigan)
Colon Michigan  
There is a small Amish owned birth center in southern Michigan.  If your interested you can PM me.  
I would suggest if you want a hospital birth to go to Auburn.  I am not aware of any other midwives delivering in the hospitals in Ft. Wayne.  I do not know all of them either.  There may be more.    You can check with the Ft. Wayne Doula net work they would be able to direct you  too.   (From A northern midwife)  
here is a link with some listed (it might not be all that are available in the state-)  You could also contact the state midwifery organization.  If there is not one listed in your area-you can ask one of those listed at this site if they any one else.   midwife
Hello everyone! It has been a few weeks/almost a month since I have been on here.  Last weight down I was at a loss of 28-30# in about 25-30 days. (I quit keeping good notes so can remember exactly)  But during the last 5 days of that first round, I was up and down between 2-5# because I did not totally follow the vlcd diet.    My brother was in the hospital for a full week-from a Friday until the next Friday-and I spent about every day with him I could.  He passed...
Thank you everyone for your comments.     The other day, I was so ill ---not with a virus or anything, but from the stress that I could hardly eat.  (as I already told you) yesterday I stopped at a store while out doing appointments -a little Amish store, just to see what they had.  They had some organic dark chocolate.  A small bar.  I bought 3.  Intending to save them for phase 4.   But decided to eat one on the way home, thinking my stomach that I had only put one...
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