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Thanks ladies -- I'll check this out.
We are thinking about moving back to Boise in the fall. I have a four year old who we've brought up in a semi-unschooling philosophy. I always imagined we would unschool or homeschool, but he is such a social kid and our current situation is falling way short in that department. If we stay at home I feel rather desperately that we will have to have a regular, fun, engaged community to be with -- for all of our sakes! Can anyone tell me about the home and unschool...
I can't seem to understand the new navigation......Where is the forum/list of open coops? All I see is coop chat and coop archives. Thanks!  
Is it possible to find a rental, free standing house, with decent sized urban yard, in a safe neighborhood, near nature, for under $2,000.....? Which parts of Oakland? Thanks!
Curious too!
I have a dear friend midwife friend in the bay: shiela vanderveer She is wonderful! And brilliant, and alive and full of joy and love!
When I was in SF over ten years ago, you were lucky if, after weeks of searching, you were offered a room in a flat. This was more or less true of much of the east bay as well.   My partner is considering a low-paying non-profit job in the city and while I suspect it would be entirely impossible for us to survive in the area, I am wondering about a few things before we cross it off the list.   How cut-throat is the rental market in the the north east bay, like El...
Wow, we're in almost the exact same situation. My partner is considering a job in SF, non-profit, and pays pitifully at 55-60K (by BA standards).   I lived in SF over ten years ago, before I had kids, so I get the basic "deal."  We had been wanting to explore northern CA options withing 2-3 hours of the city, then this job popped up. I'm not thrilled with the prospect of city living, but I did love the bay when I was there and know we would treasure much that is has...
Albuquerque is in the middle of a huge desert. You can grow food, many people do, but it is an adjustment. There is no "soil" here like you have in the midwest -- and there is no water!   Portland has a long growing season, and lots more water. Also has a lot of midwives, like ABQ. There are a number of areas in NM that could use midwives, but they're not the first places people think of when they think NM. Grants, for example.
I was not aware of that. What is the soy-dairy reactive relationship based on?
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