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Kyla (8 ) gets $3 a week no strings attached because I want her to learn how to manage money and how to save, etc. However she does have chores she needs to do (empty the recycling, clean her bathroom) and if she doesn't do them she is welcome to pay me to do them for her
My dd is almost 8... 2nd grade mostly.
Quote: I really think the comment often comes down to misconceptions - the misconception being that HS takes more patience that PS (which I do not think it does). Peace, Kathy I think it depends on the family.... as I stated in my previous post, homeschool has been far more trying on my patience than public school ever was. So for our family, it does take more patience. We do it because its best for her to have more time to herself than she was...
I used to say this all the time before we planned to homeschool and still say it now that we are. It has nothing to do with wanting to put my kids in daycare or their behavior, I have been a SAHM and a WAHM for almost years.... but that is vastly different from being solely responsible for educating a child. Especially when you and said child don't have the perfect relationship, no matter how attached the child was as a baby and infant. Especially if you and the child...
we are really loving Right Start Math - we were lucky to find our used for a good price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Plummeting I have the Scotch laminator. It was under $30 and it uses the laminating pouches, which are also inexpensive. I don't have tons of experience with laminators, but I'm really happy with mine. Occasionally something will be imperfect, but I'm very pleased with what it does for the price. I have the same one and have been very happy with it.
My girls both went (and currently go to) a co-op preschool. Its a more formal one with its own building and stuff, but we love it. They offer 2 day a week or 3 day a week programs. The schedule goes something like this: 9:00-10:10 - Free Play (in classroom and in a little side yard with painting and digging etc) 10:10 - 10:15 - Clean up 10:15-10:30 - Muisc/Dance/Movement as a group 10:30 - 10:45 Circle time 10:45 - 11 - Snack 11:00 - 11:25 Outside Play...
we have been really happy with MBTP (movingbeyondthepage.com) and Right Start Math
I figured out how we would do ours... a wall hanging with pockets. The pockets are pretty big but we only have 8 of them and I think that will be plenty! I sewed it up, but I swear it took hours! I need to add on the numbers, but I will do that tomorrow http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo...eat=directlink I think this will be great for us since its really for my own organization... not so much for Kyla LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by phathui5 If there were a homeschooling group or one that met during the day, I'd be interested. We tend to avoid activities that you have to do in the evening or on weekends because I want to be able to have family time. I think homeschooling groups of girls are a great idea. WE used to be in a troop but it disbanded and since then we have started homeschooling and now I am not really sure what to do. I was assuming...
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