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The best part of baby wearing? As much as I love the freedom of having both my hands free, the best part is being able to kiss the top of my baby's head all day long.
For a combination of reasons, I was scheduled for a repeat CS on Monday the 7th. Not my preference at all but understandable due to circumstances. Apparently this little girl got the hint because I was in labor by the time I arrived to check in. Knowing right when to expect you baby is so strange! It wade waiting the 2 hours both better and worse. Last CS was an emergency with an Epi, this one was planned with a spinal so now at least I know the difference. For me,...
#2 is here and ouch! They rock me much more this time around. I'd also conveniently forgotten that initial latch pain that happens when they nurse a lot. Youch! I know she's latching we'll but oh my, that first minute combining nipple pain and uterine pain is violent.
I love her name. Welcome to the world precious, take good care if your mama!
Fun birthdate. Welcome to the world!
She is so adorable!
Graduated! Welcome to the world Kinsley Jeanne!
Come on babies!!!
Another in th boat with you. I have a five year old and I alternate between being totally stressed (will I remember what to do?!?) and totally lazy (I have a car seat, some diapers and some clothes, I'm fine). This week the nesting hit though. DH decided it was time to build new shelves and organize the basement. I've been madly sorting all the kids clothes in the house and organizing everything. Christmas was packed up and put away today. Tomorrow I need to make and...
Rest, what a lovely idea!
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