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I knew I wanted to leave long before I actually did. At that point it was just a matter of getting the guts to do it. It was xmas and we were all at my mom's house. stbx was throwing a fit because he wanted to leave and go home (on xmas day!!) I wouldn't go with him. So he finally left and I just decided not to go back. A few days later my mom and a friend went to help me get our stuff and that was that.
Are they involved in their childs everyday life? No, he's only involved when he has her or when something is 'wrong' (like when she gets sick, he feels the need to let me know it's my fault. ) He doesn't come to any of her school events (not even parent teacher confrences or open house). Do they see their children on a regular basis? Yes. How is YOUR relationship with them? He's not a nice person (IMO!). I can't stand to speak to him or even be around him. We...
Quote: Originally Posted by fallriverfox It's always in the last place you look. This saying cracks me up.
I've always said kay-gul. But that's how I've always heard it pronounced.
Because kids make you want to drink? ETA: I wonder if you can get a Vodka bottle instead?
I left. He was emotionally abusive, I eventually realized it wasn't okay and decided to leave. It took about 3 years to actually do it though.
That sucks. Having to rely on someone like that is a PITA. My ex is pretty unreliable too. He always wants to change things last minute. Thankfully I don't have to rely on him, so it's just annoying.
Is there any way you can get a temp. job to help with the bills?
That's one of my favorite breakfasts. I eat it most mornings. No idea where it originated, but I know my mom made it for us as kids. Her parents are Irish and German. We call it Birdie in the Window.
No idea. Get Vol. 3 first and then Vol. 4.
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