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to you mama.  I'm really sorry to read this.  I wish you a healthy physical and emotional recovery.
Yesterday (traveled from SA to Zambia in a 2 hour plane ride): Early morning - few water crackers Breakfast - 2 slices whole wheat toast with butter, 3 slices pineapple, 4 slices, orange, 2 slices of kiwi (they didn't have anything appealing in the hotel) Snack at the airport - 2 cups black grapes Snack on the airplane - 1 banana Lunch - pan fried potato slices  After lunch snack - butternut squash puree with maybe a little orange juice mixed in Dinner - baby...
Thanks for this suggestion - I never had a bouncer before and will definitely look into this.
Wednesday I went to South Africa for a fetal assessment and to visit a midwifery practice that was recommended to me by another colleague.  The midwives will deliver at home, in a freestanding birth house, or in an "active birth unit" which is separate from but connected to a hospital.  I prefer to deliver in the freestanding birth house since that is the type of facility I used with my DD and I had a home birth the last time.  Since I won't be in my own home, I'm not...
Greetings ladies! I did not have ultrasounds with my last two babies but have had two with this one because of my employer's preference and I am living in a lesser developed country without adequate medical care.  So my pretty solid date of LMP was Jan. 16th, which would give me a 10/23 due date.  My 3/14 u/s estimated 10/19 and the u/s I had two days ago estimates 10/16 now.  While I am not hung up on due dates, I work for the USG and they make certain medical evacuation...
HappyCianci,Two things:1. Can you share the recipe for the peanut butter quinoa breakfast bar please?2. Have you eaten raw, vegan desserts before?  I love sweets too so when I plan properly I am able to have raw treats just ready for me to enjoy.  Of course many of these are with nuts though.I like pecan date rolls (2 c. soaked raw pecans, 1 c. dates, pulsed in a food processor until the desired texture is reached) and Chocolate balls (raw cacao powder, dates, raw almonds).
Thank you gillibean, I will check out the Wrapsody.  
I want to buy some pretty muttaqins and a moby wrap SO BADLY!   Okay - thanks that is all.
Thanks everyone for the responses - I'm 12 weeks today and so happy!  I don't know if I really feel like a new pregnant woman now or if it is all in my head - but either way I feel a bit more energetic!
I have no suggestions but I had a headache pretty much for 3 straight days between 10.5 and 11.5 weeks and have been getting them more often.  I thought it was just a fluke or something.  If I learn of suggestions, I'll share. 
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