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This whole thing would be much easier if I could actually *find*a job. Uf.
MIL is 85 with dementia and doesn't speak English. No help. DH's general response when I ask for help around the house is, "I'm not a maid." Hmmm . . . what does that make me? No daycare, DH is retired and will be the SAHP in charge of it all. I'll bring in the $$ and decide what to do with it. My instints are that if I don't get out of the house, I will end up killing someone. At least I'll be able to afford to hire someone to do the cleaning and it won't be an...
I've decided that I'm going back to work. DS is 2, MIL acts like she's 2, DH is little help around the house and I'm tired of it. I've applied to have my nursing license endorsed in FL, recreated my resume, applying for jobs, and wondering what's gonna happen. Can it get worse? Nah. Don't tell me.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2xy I don't want to argue, but I'm just curious to know why you feel that reading is a better activity than gaming? I don't know that I have a coherent answer for that, but I can say that I've never read a news story about a baby who died because the parents were so "hooked on books" that the child starved. Here's an article about the decline of reading and how it affects students. I guess I've just never seen any...
AF showed up last night.
My LO is quite a bit older than yours, but I also straddle that fence. Until days like today, when nothing will console him except some time spent nursing in the rocking chair. Even if he's not getting much milk, he's getting comfort and closeness and a way to calm down from a hugemongous tantrum or help with teething pain. I want another baby so bad I can taste it and I know that his nursing is suppressing my fertility, but I won't wean him before he's ready. I can't...
DS gets juice on rare occasions, always mixed with at least 1/2 as much water. He does have a fondness for the smoothies his sister makes, though (frozen fruit, bit of juice, water, sometimes yogurt).
No video games in this household, ever. Never will be, either, if I have anything to say about it. Personally, I find them an incredible waste of time and would rather see other "reality escapes" that are more beneficial, like reading, taking a walk, etc.
Not all school districts shun philosophy or religion. I took a philosophy elective in high school and DD took World Religions last semester and earned an A.
Well, temp dropped below cover line this am, but still no AF yet and no cramps, but a BFN early this morning (2 am). What is going on here?
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