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I borrowed a pump from a good friend (it was her "spare," she'd gotten two at her baby shower) and only ever used it to pump milk to donate--to her! DS has never had a bottle. I gave the pump back after her 2nd was born (the reason for the milk drying up and necessitating the milk donation) and never missed it.
It's been a really long time since I watched that movie or read the books, but I have a vague recollection that "Miss Clavel" wore habit. Am I misremembering?
WTF????? I'm 15 dpo, longest LP to date is 14 days. No sign of AF. My temp has dropped some and I've had some mild cramps here and there, thought she was gonna show, but then nothing. I've had 3 BFNs now, although early, so I suppose I should test again tomorrow morning if AF doesn't show up in the night. I still don't feel pregnant, though.
There's a huge difference between being busy and being mentally stimulated with what you're doing. I have lots to do. I rarely sit still for longer than a few minutes unless I'm nursing. I cook three meals a day, do laundry, cloth diaper, go to playdates, etc., but that's all just busywork. There's nothing there that's mentally stimulating. I *love* to read, but have so little time to actually do it. In my younger days, I could read a novel in two or three days. Now...
My now-15-year-old DD has been babysitting since she was 10 at our house (with me present) and since 12 or 13 on her own. She is the only person that stays with our DS and is a fabulous baby sitter. I think it depends on the kid and that age really has very little to do with it. Some young teens have better parenting instincts than some 20-somethings, ya know?
Both of mine were fairly easy, only problem with both was super sore nipples the first week or two, fairly common in post-dates babies. DS had (still has) a milk allergy, so the first 15 months of his life with no dairy for me was aggravating, but we figured it out early, around 10 days or so.
I read it two or three years years ago and was appalled at some of the tactics used to promote "formula" (for which there is no real formula). Required reading for all pregnant women and their significant others, IMNSHO.
Me, too. 12 dpo with a nice temp drop this am and a BFN--I just couldn't help myself. I give up. Going to get DS a toddler bed tonight in the hopes that if he just sleeps on his own and stops night-nursing, we might have a snowball's chance, ya know?
We pretty much eat Turkish food all the time, so my menus may sound a bit odd if you're not familiar. (We had fajitas tonight, though!) Breakfast is almost always the same: white cheese (beyaz peynir, like feta), boiled eggs, black olives, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, bread with butter or pekmez (grape molasses), sometimes dried apricots, lots of Turkish tea for me, water for DS. Rarely I'll make scrambled eggs or something special like menemen (scrambled eggs...
Or sometimes girls get to the point that they want to imitate the women in their lives--moms, aunties, older sisters.
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