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Knowing the economy there, I would say that it has very little to do with you and your situation and everything to do with her need for enrollment fees. Still not a nice way to sell her product, but I don't think it was meant as criticism to you personally.
Quote: Originally Posted by Runnerbean Turkish Kate, I know how difficult it is listening to all the well meaning advice on weaning, but consider the following two points and maybe you will feel better about continuing as you are. 1) There are moms out there who don't have af back yet at 2yrs, so at least you are in a better position to try - it will work out! 2) There are also moms who have weaned and it didn't help things along any quicker. if you...
I'd take some pox.
AF showed up on Tuesday. I am so disappointed. DS will be two this month and is back to nursing all night again, waking every 1 to 2 hours. DH is sure that's the reason we're not getting pregnant and I have so many people pushing me to wean him because we want another baby so bad (and that biological clock is ticking!). But what if I wean him and *still* don't get pregnant? I'll feel like I cheated DS out of something that he *needs* in order to try to satisfy my...
DS and I shower around 8-8:30 and are in bed around 9-9:30 (with wiggle room for *those* days). After nursing every two hours (or more often) all night long, we finally get up for good around 8.
http://www.babyblessingsnp.com/ is a local mom, but no brick and mortar store that I know of yet. http://www.pashoriginals.com/store/ another pair of WAHMs who make and sell diapers locally.
I bought two dozen of these two months ago. One fell apart in the first wash, two have delaminated to the point that they're unusable, and about half of the rest have delaminated in patches. I don't think they'll last my two-year-old through potty training, let alone another baby. The inserts are nice, though, and I was able to buy another set separately. It just depends on which seller you get them from. I wouldn't recommend the dipes, though. Ever. It's better to...
I bought two dozen in December and have been using them on my two-year-old. One fell apart in the first wash, two have completely delaminated rendering them unusable, and about half of the rest have delaminated in small patches. I doubt that they will last us through potty training and have no expectation of them being around for another baby. If you're looking for a pocket that lasts and has resale value after you're finished, this *isn't* the diaper you're looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunchyMamaToBe TurkishKate, I think someone already talked about this, but your temps after the dip on CD14 aren't any higher than those before, unless you ignore the temps on CD11-13. If those were much later than you usually temp, then you could safely ignore them and call an O on day 14. Thanks. Those three temps were all at least an hour later than I usually temp, although the last two cycles it hadn't made a...
Being the good Turkish gal that I am: Nazar Boncuğu
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