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Okay, yeah, that makes sense. And if I discount those three with the open circles, then I definitely have the shift. And charting or not, I'm about 99% certain I Od that day anyway. Was feeling a bit, ahem, frisky.
Quote: Originally Posted by babymonster TurkishKate - do you know why your day 11, 12, 13 temps are in open circles? Was you timing way off those days? If you think those temps might be artificially high, then you may have O'd on CD14, if not then I agree with CrunchyMama - there is no temp shift on your chart yet Yes, those three days I temped a bit later than usual. But other than the dip on CD8, the overlay shows that this cycle and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunchyMamaToBe TurkishKate, I think you may be putting too much faith in the OPK - you can get a +OPK and still not ovulate - I wouldn't say that you have ovulated according to your temps so far. Good luck on your trip! It sounds like it could be a fun time. Can you tell me more about what you wrote above? I don't put a lot of faith in the OPKs, but judging by my last two cycles and what I've always known about...
I didn't realize that anyone had an issue with the title, although I'll admit that I haven't had time to keep up. For me, "Parenting our Parents" is an apt title, as MIL is 85, has chronic diabetes, related dementia, and is more like a third child for us than anything else. She is exactly like a 180-pound-toddler, complete with the tantrums, food issues, and toileting concerns.
No crosshairs yet on FF, but I think I'm now 2DPO. I guess you can move me into the 2WW, although we had decided that maybe we shouldn't try right now.
Okay, ya'll. Here's something whacky for you. Last night, the Whirling Dervishes of Konya came to our little 'burg of Jacksonville, FL. DH and I have had tickets for weeks, been looking forward to it, blah, blah, blah. So we get all dolled up, at least for us, left DS with his Big Sister, went off to have a meal that didn't get interrupted fifty times, and then went to the performance hall. Did a little meet and greet, saw every Turkish person in Jax, plus some...
I thought your DD looks Turkish, but then I'm a bit pre-disposed to that direction. Your DS just looks like a really cute baby to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by humptydumpty Arab names are very beautiful with great meanings too. I especially like Tariq / Taric or Tarik; I like Arek too, which is actually polish but looks arab But in Arabic, Arek (or actually Arak) would be an anise-flavored liquor.
Here ya go: Binnur's Turkish Cookbook. Most of her recipes are really great, with appropriate North American substitutions for Turkish ingredients when they aren't available. Afiyet olsun!
Quote: Originally Posted by UmmIbrahim Since we have many sisters here w/ a Turkish connection I just wanted to run through and say today dh and I had real Turkish food. Not like the typical stuff you think of...i.e. kabobs and all that but I think it was "down home" village sort of fare. I dont know but when the guy gave us our plates both dh and I were like... what is this...???!!!?? We went to this tiny, newly opened Turkish restaurant near...
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