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Quote: Originally Posted by NatureMamaOR anybody want to call it anything other than it is? Huh? I didn't understand that one. Pregnant brain, maybe? 'Splain it to me! DH and I both fall into that "older" category. We kept vacillating on whether we really wanted to have kids or not (I have a 13 year old DD from a previous marriage). He thought that if he was going to have kids, he wanted to have them before he's 50 (this June!). ...
If you didn't have an exam or US, there is no way that anyone could know the difference between BH cxns and "real" labor cxns. I agree with Mama Rabbit that going to the OB could be more stressful than just trust in your body, but that is something that you need to balance with your own "worry level" concerning preterm labor. Do *you* think it was preterm labor? Do you have it in the back of your mind now that you are "high risk?" Situations like this just set you up...
Just curious how the OP is doing with the class?
Quote: Originally Posted by umsami Do you still have family in JAX? Yeah, all of them. That's why I'm here. Most are in Clay County--OP, Green Cove, etc. I'll give you a shout if we manage to make it back again this summer.
How were they able to differentiate BH cxn from labor cxn without a cervical exam? Seems kinda fishy to me, unless they did an ultrasound to check cervical length? And BH can come at any time, that's a crock to tell you 27 weeks is too early. Anyway, seems like a justifiable case for an ultrasound to measure the cervix to see what it's doing and where placenta is lying, just to be reassured that there is no thinning/dilation going on (which is the difference between...
I'm ready. Finally. Have had preparations ready for quite some time, but am finally emotionally ready to have this baby. I have so enjoyed being pregnant this time that I didn't want it to end. Until now. I wish we could hurry up and get this over with. I think it will be easier to carry baby in the sling now than in my belly!
I'll be doing Apgar scoring, simply because there's a space for it on my records. As far as intervention goes, I'm with Pam--if baby is "vigorous," leave well enough alone.
Okay, I have to say this, but only to the ladies in our DDC. Please realize that your midwife is also a woman, and most likely a mom, too. Being a midwife isn't her only role in life and a gift that celebrates her other roles may be even more appreciated. Everyone gives midwives something birth-related, but *many* of the midwives I have known would love to get gift certificates for meals out (they don't eat *all* of their meals at births, although it seems that way...
I totally agree! I started bugging DH in August to get a housecleaner (they're really cheap here, thank goodness). We finally found a good one about a month ago, and she is heaven-sent. She comes in and dusts, vacuums, mops, cleans bathrooms, and I am so much happier now. I hate living in a messy house, but I am just not able to do those things, and haven't been for a while. I don't know how I survived without her!
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