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I think that sounds like a fantastic gift & my girls would be happy to each get one.  My girls are happy to get the same things or different things.  It's not been such a big deal for us.  You're very thoughtful and generous.  
I stopped working at about 26 weeks.  I'm a child psychologist & I wanted to have a firm ending date with my patients.  I wasn't going to go back to work after they were born, so I wanted to have a clean good-bye and ending.  I didn't need any bed rest and it wasn't suggested by my doctor, just something that felt right to me given my circumstances.   My twins were born at 37 weeks. 
I also think it's worth following up on your gut feel & seeking an evaluation of your twins.  My twins were crazy, destroyers who did things my singleton has never done and I'd be shocked if he did them, but by 5 they were much, much better.  By 4 even.  It sounds like more than twin dynamic to me.
I had the same thing -- presenting twin was transverse so I had a C-section.  I had a beautiful VBAC with my singleton, 2 years, 9 months later.  It was a very quick birth.  I went in to labor and instantly my contractions were a minute long, 3 minutes apart.  My Mom came and took my twins and I went in to the hospital.  I think I got there around 2.  I was barely dilated when we arrived, but the nurse found some scar tissue on my cervix and massaged it.  It was...
I should add that our school is a K - 8 and the school does get bigger in middle school, adding 20 new kids, so I assume my girls will have the opportunity to take classes separately in 6th grade.  
My DZ girls are now in first grade at a very small school with only one grade per class.  Oddly enough, there is a set of MZ boys in their class and our two sets of twins were the first at the school ever.     We are very happy that they're in the same class.  They definitely play together, but there are only 17 kids in the class so all the kids play together.  They have the same best friend and there have been some issues there, but nothing that we haven't been able...
all 3 of mine have been the most interested in nursing at around a year and a half.  have you ever tried to distract them with a book, offer a cup of water or a snack when they ask to nurse?  i recall feeling very nursed out, too, when my twins were that age and all the yoga poses, peek-a-boo, etc, they'd do while nursing, too.  
that's fantastic!  congratulations on the arrival of your triplets!  it's wonderful that you stood up for your babies and got them a safe vaginal birth!  i hope they're out of the nicu and home with their family in no time. 
Well mine were di/di so maybe that makes a difference?  But I had U/S every 4 weeks starting at 18 weeks.  We had NSTs, weekly I think, starting at 32-weeks, IIRC.  And at every OB appointment they'd do a quick U/S to find a heartbeat.  So I saw them a lot, but not the full anatomy scans every 2 weeks.  That seems like a lot, but I know TTS can sneak up on you. 
I just remembered a great one.  We were at a toddler music class when the girls were about 15-months.  They were running every which way, never the same direction, you know doing lots of things, none of which was singing with the other kids and Moms in the circle.  A Mom with kids 2-1/2 years apart, her baby clipped into a baby car seat in the snap & go told me that it was much harder to have a toddler and a baby than two toddlers.  It was such a preposterous comment I...
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