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That is my son to a T.  I have cut out Red 40 from his diet and it really helps with sleep and behavior, which go hand in hand.  For the impule control\ hitting stuff I just say the work "hands" and he knows it means to stop what he is doing with his hands.  He has some language delays,so that plus the short attention span makes it harder for him to listen to too many words.  So I try to keep requests short and to the point.     Our extended family is very close and...
The few times she did get up were the first few nights of the new routine, I just picked her back and put her back in bed and said good night.  I read stories right out side the door, and that really helps my kids.  After teh first story is over I turn on music on my laptop and play on the computer till they fall asleep.  I think seeing me really helps them stay calm, DS can't handle not knowing where i am and can't handle being alone or left. 
Just to let you know, car-seat.org has a TON of information and nemerous techs to help answer all carseat questions.  You dont have to join to ask either.
I just went through this with my 2 yr old dd.  A few months ago DH started EMTschooling and was going to be gone frequently at night.  I  am also pregnant with #3 and knew things had to to change.  Night times with my DD was taking two plus hours, I was getting angry and was at time losing my patience.  My 4yr old DS has anxiety issues, I still laid with both of them.  I wanted to change things before the baby came.  I knew DS couldn;t handle going to sleep without being...
I can't help you with number 2, but with number 1 the handle can be in Any locked position.  It is one of the reason I chose the keyfit.  As long as it is locked... you are fine.
If I didn't want my child entrusted to one of the members of the couple then yes I would just grant primary guardianship to the one  I did trust.
I am not exactly in the same spot you are in but I can kinda help maybe.   My DD just stopped nursing.  Well actually I choose to wean her.  I am pregnant and lost all my milk.  It got to be way too uncomfortable to dry nurse her.  She didn't care at all that there is no milk.  I will be back to post more but los are waking.
We did this for a big family party that was just going to be too expensive otherwise.  DD's Bday is right before Chirstmas when money gets tight.  We didn't have any problems with people not coming.  We just made sure to have it at a time where you wouldn't need to eat and let people know to join us for Cake and Ice Cream on the invites.  We actually did a cupcake themed party and I frosted up some cupcakes but made a bunch of unfrosted ones and had a cupcake decorating...
DS is about to turn 4 weighs 35 pounds and still RF, DD just turned 2 and weighs 22 lbs.  They both will stay RF until they outgrew their seats and no new seats are available to continue to be RF.
I would be concerned at the level she is taking it too.  I mean I think it I normal for kids to line up their stuff animals to protect themselves in bed, but her rituals seems a bit extreme. I would install some kind of nanny cam to see how long and how excessive the ritual is every night.   If it was just  few things bugging her I would let it go, but this seems to be really affecting her sleep cycle, and that would make me concerned.
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