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Just wanted to vent I guess.. but I am tired of unsoliciatated advice about what I should and shouldn't do being pregnant. Today at work.. I work at a school.... all I really wanted to drink was GOD FORBID a can of pop. One stinking can of Mountain Dew.. my favorite... you would of trhought I was shotting herione into myself. At least 6 people were like you shouldn't have that.. tommorrow I am bringing you somthing else to drink.,.. that is really bad for the baby.....
My name is Jeannette too.... that is kinda funny being the same due date and all.
I can't fit into my reg cloths and mat are way to big... So i had to go to the store and buy teh next sixe up in pants and shirts since my boobs are huge and lift up my shirts!
Wanted to know If I could join you all. I just kinda stumbled upon this site today. I am 16 weeks pregnant and due Feb 16 with my first baby. So Hello all.
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