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I have called the non emergency police number when I've seen that.
Wow that is awful.. I cant offer any wisdom. I have heard of private schools here doing the same thing. Good luck with you fight!
When I got preg with DD I was so worried about how naps\ bed time would go. There are 23 months apart, and DS had never fallen asleep by himself. I just always laid on the couch or bed nursing the baby on one side and DS on the other side cuddled up. I actually still do just that and DS is 3.5 and DD is 20 months. Sometimes it was a bit stressful, but all in all it has worked out well. We all sleep together and they don't wake each other up, unless DS is screaming bc of...
I did research it.. and the problem is they are contagious for up to a month. That is a long time to quartine them.
So my kiddos have hand foot and mouth disease. Both had a fever tuesday. They are both acting just fine, no problems except 3 yr old has sores inside his mouth that do not hurt and DD has a diaper rash. We have a community festival thing me and my dh work out. Is it okay to take the kids? Or do you think that is a big no no. I am not germaphobic at all, I figure there is germs ever where so kids could catch it anywhere. so just curious what you all think? I think I...
I had an awful day today and fell so BLAHHH about it. I want to get it all off my chest so I can start with a clean slate tommorrow. So feel free to respond but you dont have to It started out at 4:30am with a call from my 23 yr old brother saying he was at the emergency room and was jumped at a bar. He remembers nothing from what happened. After calling around today to find out the back story he was pretty drunk and was acting like an idiot. Not reason to get jumped...
First off I just want to say that you need to find a new ped. One who will listen to your concerns and won't give you advice that goes against your parenting. Then I would ask for a referal to a psychologist or dev ped, honestly I am not sure which is the right route for a through evaluation. I think it is really important to listen to that gut feeling and find out for sure if something is up.
I nursed my son for 18 months and I always nursed in public. We only stopped bc I was pregnant and started to dry up. My daughter is 18 months and I nurse her many times a day in public. I try to keep down the comfort nursing, she thinks she has to nurse everytime someone does something she doesn't want, like talk to her. But I nurse her whenever wherever even if she is just upset.
I am going to go way against the grain here and say that I believe my son really needs this to soothe himself and if it is the only thing the works I am willing to deal with it. It helps to gently remove his hands from sensitive areas. He is allowed to pinch the skin on my hand and forearm, but not the upper arm (OWW). I also ask him to rub my arm instead of pinch if it is really bugging me. He has done this since he was 6 months old. I am not at the point where it...
your can buy wax ear plugs for swimming that would mold just as easily as silly putty, but meant for the ears. They make specific ones just for kids that come in bright colors too. They are cheap and can be found in regular stores, I get mine at our grocery store.
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