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my 3 year old still does tthat good luck. i have tried to stop it but gave up.
I am nursing my little one right now so I will come back to post more, but I know how hard it is to see alot of views and no replies. Sometimes the weekends are pretty quite here. Welcome to the group though I am sure others will respond soon too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Linda on the move teachers are not qualified to dx and it really isn't fair to your children to compare them. I agree teachers are not qualified to dx children, but I thought since she has a master in special education and he is in a special needs preschool that she might be able to provide insight. Aldo I am not comparing them per se, I am am just noticing expressive things in my 18 month old that my son has never...
OKay, so my DS is almost three and a half. I have been questioning his social skills for awhile now. His sister is 18 months and I keep seeing things she does and I really don't remember him doing them. Also I filed out a ASQ on social and emotional skills, and was really surprised at how many things I answered rarely to. When I talked to his teacher she completely dismissed my feelings and said I was just worrying too much and that he was completely fine, and scored...
Now that sounds like fun. My DS and i love water fights, definantly not as messy.
That is wonderful
I have a dodge durango, def not a small car and have the same issue. I wondered how safe it is to drive that close to the stearing wheel or for the passenger. You can't put a car seat in the middle seat of our first row bench on our durango either.
i found some on ebay. One was going for 20 bucks
I used to only have the no hitting rule, until a good family friend said that when she was 15, she witnessed a 4 year old who was running with a stick, trip and jab his throat with the stick and died instantly. Now I have a no big stick and running rule.
this year for Mother's Day I made concrete garden stepping stones. Dh had concrete leftover from a project so I mixed some up poured it is pie tins and put the kids hand prints in them. Then I wrote "Mother's Day" and the date. It was free and cute. I never know what to get MIL. I am even going to make myself one bc DH never really does anything.
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