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that is heartwarming to find someone who seems to get you
I fell into the same trap for so long.. and find myself slipping down it quite often. Expecially when he was an only child. I didn't mean to be harsh, I just have been there so many times and have seen the difference being firm and consistant, but still loving and understanding can make in their behavior. Finding the balance is hard.
I think it is really important not to give our children too many choices. Of course giving choices is important, but kids are not emotionally equipped to be able to handle complete control of everything and everyone in their lives. I think it is important to pick the car you want and stick with that, not bc you really want that car, but he needs to learn you get decide which car you play with and he chooses which one he plays with. He needs to learn everyone get...
Iknow I am reviving an older thread.but I just came on her to start a thread on how awful I thougth this book was. DS's ST recommended it to me and it is hard to read. Of course I just looked up the preschooler part and it actually advocates for installing a lock on your child's door to teach them not to come out of their rooms. It even says to take your child with you when you buy it and install it in front of them.
I didn't want to read and not respond. It is hard to remember how far they have come and not get angry at them when they slip up. Maybe a new park would help him make new "rules" about play. My DS does not do well at one park.. he always runs away. I think he thinks that is what you do at that park., so we avoid that one and don't have as many issues then.
Quote: Originally Posted by lotus.blossom uh yeah. The final two are polar opposites. What are you thinking Jake? I think he is confused about what he wants. And that whole thing with Ali? Smacks of bad bad soap opera acting. If I were her I would be seriously ashamed of my performance. That is exactly what I told my husband
It really doesn't surprise me. If you listen when he is on the ship with her he mentions a couple of times that he can be immature too. I mean I just think something must be wrong with him if he has been "dateless" for so long. I think he just really appreciates her sense of spontantity and honesty.
she does a chat every weds at 7 pm mountain time. It is really neat to chat with her and other moms. You should check it out.
i know you all must get tired of answering these so Ill try to make vit short. My son outgrew his safety first all in one deluxe rf, about two months ( prob longer but I didn't realize it so we turned him ff. He doesn't have much to grow before he grows out of it height wise to still be harnessed. I planned on spending the $ to get a nautilus at tax return time. My sister, who I babysit for, decided to give me the money for the seat. So now I am not sure if I...
She is an amazing mother and if you ever want to read a honest blog about dealing with lifes ups and down and raising two children with disabilities I really recommend her blog at rachelcoleman.com. It is inspiring. If you check it out make sure you read her post entitled Strong Enough and make sure you have tissues right beside you.
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