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I heard the VOIP services do not work with local 911 call centers. I don't call 911 that often but as a single mom, I want to get through if I need help. Anyone have any info?
Quote: Originally Posted by chlobo Do you take the papaya enzyme with food or whenever you feel sick? Whenever you feel sick. I take two to three chewable tablets depending on how badly I feel. They start to work the minute they hit my mouth. The chewable tablets are good for heartburn too!
If you don't want to keep the seafood in the fridge, it's worth trying the freezer. Better to try and have it possibly turn out okay than trash it and never know.
I think my enthusiasm for breastfeeding contributed to losing a friend. The funny thing is it was probably all a big misunderstanding. I verbalized on many occasions that I supported her as a mother in all ways (breastfeeding, working, sleep arrangements, etc). And I really did! I felt really strongly that she knew what was best for her and her baby. But since our friendship dissolved I have wondered if she thought my support was "lip service". That may be the...
I wish I knew the name of the thing I want to describe (sorry). For a long time my mom had this metal rod that wedged under the doorknob and braced on the floor at an angle. It was specifically for security. Even if someone could get the lock open it would be impossible to open the door with this thing wedged in. Sorry, I wish I knew the name! Maybe your local police department could help?
Last year we gave our mailman some packaged chocolates. He was really nice and put a note in our mailbox to say thank you for the sweets. This year it will be homemade cookies with a little thank you note like the rest of our crew (librarian, preschool teachers, swim teacher, family, etc.). I like the idea of letting someone know you appreciate them even if they are "just doing their job".
Papaya and ginger are great for stomach upset. Since I cannot carry papaya around with me, I found papaya enzyme tablets in the natural food store. They are life savers! There is also a homeopathic remedy for nausea called nux vomica.
Quote: Originally Posted by MotherWren And I was just feeling mad because I have to throw out the quiche I made the other day because it has crab in it and DH isn't eating it. I can't eat the whole thing. GRGH!! Can you put some of your quiche in the refrigerator? I have had good luck baking a quiche then eating a piece for breakfast every morning. My son eats a piece in the morning too so we have not tried to make it last in the fridge more...
I was having a lot of trouble sleeping due to stress. When I am stressed I wake up between 4am and 7am, usually with the added pleasure of eczema burning my hands : . My midwife recommended an Ayurvedic herb to help. I checked it out on the Internet and it is one of three herbs that are part of the Ayurvedic tradition for pregnant women. I probably found one site or that said it was not for pregnant women but those sites did not seem to know much about herbs or Ayurvedics...
Have you tried quiche instead of plain eggs in the morning? Mrs Smith's (in the freezer aisle) makes a Pour-a Quiche that is pretty good. I just thaw the quiche mixture and pour it in a pie crust. It lasts for a few days. Even my 2.5 yo enjoys it! It has made getting protein in early much easier since I often lack the motivation to stand over the stove in the morning.
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