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Quote: Originally Posted by brandimn6217 What is a diva cup? I saw a pp gave you the Diva Cup website. There is a thread in Finding Your Tribe called "Diva Cup users". It has been active recently. You can learn more about the Diva Cup and other menstrual cups like the Keeper, etc. I love my Diva Cup and it is a money saver!
Granny panties are good but women's underwear is always so expensive. I just bought a pack of men's tighty-whities. They worked great and were a LOT less expensive!
What is he like when you pick him up? My son recently started the "I don't want to go to school" stuff in the morning. But when I pick him up he is happy and excited and tells me what a great day he had. I agree with the pp and would not rush into anything. It could be the big transition you were expecting (at least I was) at the beginning is happening now.
Oh yeah, definitely a developmental milestone. That's why water tables, sand tables, etc are so much fun. My son is 3 yo and his preschool always has a table filled with water, sand or rice for dumping. I wish I knew all the things they are learning from filling and dumping but I know they include some pretty cool concepts (spatial skills, gravity, etc come to mind).
As a child of divorced parents, I know how hard our separation is on my three-year old son. But now I am the parent in the situation. I feel like my son is testing his boundaries with me all over again. Mostly he is just trying to hit me, which was something I let him know 18 months ago would not be tolerated. I cannot allow him to hit but I feel terrible that our failed marriage created this situation for him. Anyone else finding the same battles at home? Also, my son...
I am stocking up on outside toys my son can use inside this year. I am letting him take over our lower level this winter. He has a little bike w/ no pedals, a tricycle and some rubber balls. I am also searching for a basketball hoop and similar activities.
I just found this thread. I LOVE Gilmore Girls!!! I have watched the show since the first season. Of course, I watch the syndicated episodes from time to time too. I could not read all 11 pages of the thread so maybe I am duplicating a previous discussion. But has anyone noticed the writing is different this season? It's not as fast-paced or witty. Or am I just expecting to much from my GG? It just seems different.
I did not see the whole show but I did catch the part where the intern and the OB received some test results for the mama. I was troubled that the OB ordered a crash c-section BEFORE talking with the parents. Maybe I am naive and that is protocol but it still bothered me.
Quote: Originally Posted by hipcoolmama Do you ever sense your friends who are working mothers or work out of home moms are wistful they could be SAH? And are you ever wistful of going back to work and being in their shoes?? Yes, I think the fact I am a SAHM and a friend was a WOHM (now a WAHM) got in the way of our friendship. I did not give a hoot if she worked or not. But I have wondered many times if she preferred being around other...
After my c/s the incision site would get irritated by underwear. I cannot explain why since the incision site was numb for months but during the week or so after the c/s there was some irritation or annoyance. I found using the hospital's sanitary pads inside my underwear along the incision site kept my underwear away from the incision. This made me much more comfortable. Actually when the OBs checked me they thought it was a pretty cool idea too. But I am also glad you...
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