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Have you tried a yeast elimination diet? A couple of other posters have mentioned eliminating sugar, anything white, etc. When I had a yeast infection it turned out there were lots of things that I was better off avoiding for a few days (I was on the diet for 4.5 days). You can google "yeast elimination diet" and get lots of specifics if you are interested.
I noticed when pregnant with my son that I became public property. The OP was right. People who would never have said hello are suddenly striking up a conversation whether it's convenient for me or not. I'm a person who keeps to myself especially in public so this bothered me. Of course, it does not end with pregnancy! Once the baby is here, mama and baby become public domain. If people are fascinated by a pregnant woman or baby, fine, but can't I please run my errands...
When my friend was pregnant I found a book by the editor of Mothering mag (and no I'm not a subscriber or employee). I think it was called "Having a Baby Naturally". I bought it for her so I did not read it but I liked it because it was so focused on natural pregnancy and birth and followed a timeline like other pregnancy books.
Quote: Originally Posted by scbegonias You will birth best where you are most comfortable. This is exactly what my favorite doula says! Women need to be comfortable in their birth space. Some women are more comfortable in the hospital and some are more comfortable at home. It's okay to explore your options. Also, the cost of a homebirth can feel prohibitive. Consider though that your $250 co-pay to the hospital may only cover some of the...
I discovered with both of my pregnancies there is a mental process to getting ready for childbirth. If you asked me a few weeks ago (I am currently 36 weeks with number 2) about giving birth I would have said "this baby is coming out of me but I cannot imagine how". Now that I am closer my mind and body are getting in sync. I firmly believe in letting the mind go where it needs to go in order to prepare a woman for this amazing experience. I wonder if closer to your...
If my son were asked to be in a wedding but not invited to the reception I would feel horrible for him. The best part of the day for the child will be the big party with fun, food and dancing! The wedding will likely be pretty boring to a little kid. I would feel terrible if my child were excluded from the really fun part of the day.
I would not worry. You sound like a mama who takes good care of herself. One more week of waiting to pee on a stick will not hurt anything. Or as the pp said, you could try to buy some pee sticks. But the stress relief of not having to see that old OB again should keep you healthy for an extra week!
22 months.
You might be what a friend calls a "slow cooker". She says some of us are slow cookers (typically going over 40 weeks) and some are microwaves (typically having healthy babies even a couple of weeks early). Was your first induction for "post-dates" too?
Quote: Originally Posted by CherryBomb Great info! I'm bookmarking this page to show dh whenever we get pregnant with #3. I've had two c/s (my second was supposed to be a homebirth, long story) and while I have no qualms about plannning a homebirth next time, dh is wary. And I can't blame him, dd2's birth was very scary and traumatic for both us- emergency c/s, stroke, seizures, severe brain damage, 2 week NICU stay...he just wants us to be safe. It's...
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