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I tore right in front of my urethra this time and found it only hurt when wet and when it was separated. I used frozen and warm pads soaked in a tea of bear berry leaves, yarrow, comfry, and whitchhazel. worked great you woul never know I tore and was back dtd at 2.5 weeks pp. Really that area is made to heal well on it's own when it tears, just keep your legs togather for a while and limit separating the two sides as much as possible. Oh honey feels nice too.
Preemie prefolds here and they worked great. Next time I think I'll use them instead of frozen pads too.
I've been belly binding with 6inch ACE bandages on and off. I also try to take every oppertunity I can remember to keep good posture and to contract and relax my abs. A great place to start is laying flat on your back and sucking in your gut. I think it is working great and doesn't interfere with life because it fits in anytime.
Maybe your problem is that you are laying down to nurse around 10pm? We are dealing with over supply and reflux right now. Maybe if you used a postition that put babies bum lower down and elevated his head, he wouldn't be so gassy. Maybe prop a bunch of pillows up behind you so you can nurse and then both drift off with him on your chest after you burp him.
NAK Same boat over here @ 4 weeks, read through these they seem to be working better than anything else. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/reflux.html Don't forget to burp him, even if it takes 20 minutes DS always has a burp that will turn into a spitup if left inside too long.
My first went fast, but my second turned into 36 long hours because he was sunny side up.
I was naked for the water part at home for about 20 hours of a 36 hour labor. In the hospital(the last 6 hours) I wore a cotton peasent skirt and loose smock type shirt(the first two things I could find that wouldn't piss me off wearing). The only reason I didn't get naked again at the hospital was because no one suggested it till I was close to transistion. I just really didn't care.
peeing in the pool was thr reason I got in a few times, lol, it's your pee from your clean inside just like the baby/byproducts. Why would you want to waste any energy during labor worrying about where you pee when you got to go just go.
DS is 3 weeks and is held alot, but also lays and sleeps well in his cradle during the day. I found he never wanted to lay down when I put him on his back. Once we flipped him to his side he was fine to be put down even before he is asleep. I wear him alot when we go out and we go out walking and to the beach almost daily, but he mostly just sleeps through everything and is happy to be cooed over when he calls, I figured I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts.
Both of mine did/do this(DS 3w) usually when there is a bubble in their stomach. Sometimes it take 20 minutes just to get a burp out, but it's always there.
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