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Mine did the same thing! I got a 'overthinking' check about 'paper tigers'(birthing from within), the other day, I was blown away because deep down(farther than I dug at first) he saw it. Big thing for us since he is what i'm most worried about planning our uc, not so worried anymore. ::: He's been so great lately!
Mine's been told, but it irked me he had to be told. Same getting up, getting this,pass that... Yesterday they are both hungry for brekfast, I'm having contrax, and they are one they couch with endless demands, then whine because food isn't ready, and wnder why it takes so long for me to get ready to leave the house. But that doesn't top to butt slapping, lol. Always a game to us, but my firm prepg but took it with less pain, no to mention it is a sneak attack game....
kb is broken you're not crazy at all! mb is a wonderful place that is completely uneffected by the ressession! To top it off our pop is expanding and due for a huge boom, especially with a new port and expansion in our airport(huge huge things coming soon) I would say come b4 the expnsion. They say wpg should have been a 'large' city before, but now they say it's our time to take our place. Plus you can buy 30minutes out of city in small town or rural, live comfy, and...
comfrey, yarrow, shepards purse, witchhazel, bear berry leaves, oh and put honey on the tear
Read Birthing From Within by Pam England! I'm looking forward to a pain free birth.
The real question is, right now would you be more comfy and relaxed at home, or in the hospital? If you think home first then stay untill that changes. When you are hurt and scared you look for reassurance. Monitoring, and having experienced people around seems to fill that need for many people on the way, but the last thing you want is to get to the hospital and want to be home. The act of transfering to soon can disturb an early mounting labor, and further delay a...
ask a neighbor, tea is a common household herb. Apple works the same as potatoe
http://www.greenecoservices.com/gree...y-epsom-salts/ Apparently sulfates in the salt can help for preterm labor, so how does that affect term labor? Why put it in the birth tub?
It's just as bad when you look tiny and don't care. I've gained 40lbs and all I hear is how tiny i am blahblahblah... I'm 9 months and people are just realizing, shish.
babe will be here soon, I'll let you all know how it goes.
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