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Chiming in again! I've been going on & off and mostly 'playing' at WW. As most of you have probably experienced, it's a great program when you work it. Especially important (at least for me) is the tracking everything I eat. I've returned with a new commitment following a dedicated elimination diet challenge. I've discovered a couple foods that I am sensitive to and since removing those from my diet, I am feeling better & more focused. I've lost 8lbs in the month since I...
Yes, the cost of repairs IS prohibitive, however the quality of the new is crap. I had a Kenmore set (top-loader) that we bought in 1980, had to replace a dryer element once. After 22 years we ended up replacing them with new, not because they weren't working, but because the sheet metal had rusted so badly on the washer top that clothes were being ruined in every load. To replace the top was 130 more than buying a whole new machine. My new machine? Less than 2 years...
My dog had to be euthanized in August. I miss him terribly, my home is horribly empty without the love that only a dog can give. We won't be getting another dog for a very long time as both my husband & I work long hours. It wasn't fair to my dog to be alone for so many hours every day, and I'll not do that to another dog. When our life slows down, a dog will definitely be joining our family, it just won't be for many, many years.
Thank you! I did find it.
I'm not having any trouble. Loads fine for me, with the exception that I can't get the "manager tips" to stop showing. I select the "turn of tips" every time & yet when I sign in again... there they are You've probably already tried this, but when I have troubles with frequently visited websites, my first solution is always to clear my cache & all cookies. That seems to correct a lot of issues. Good Luck.
My migraine triggers as well as the effective remedies change as I get older. What has worked consistently & keeps them to a minimum is 5-htp along with valerian root & magnesium supplements. Occasionally one will attack regardless, especially at the beginning of my cycle. I've found an ice pack to the base of my skull and inhaling peppermint EO will quickly reduce the severity as well as occasionally stopping it all together.
I'm still lurking, I haven't been actively working the program for quite a few months. I am recommitting to myself effective immediately! I NEED an attitude adjustment : I've fallen back into the excuse mode... "I can't exercise because.... "I can't eat right because...." I hate that I do that. I want to slap myself yet I still do it. Any one else?
While walking through a park recently, my 3 year old granddaughter was so excited to see the "water mountains".
I use a piece of really sticky tape, masking tape or even better a small piece of duct tape. Rub the tape firmly on the area & pull off quickly, it almost always works. This works especially well for those slivers you can't seem to see, but you can definitely feel. Oh! and it works amazing for bark splinters children get from the playgrounds.
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