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I second the abscessed tooth. And my labors were really painful, but that was worse, even with Vicodin.
Yes my non-reading 6 YO plays on his own with ours all the time. It's fun to do the projects together, but mostly he just builds his own circuits.Marble runs are a huge hit here as well.
My six year old loves his Snaptricity kit and will play with it for hours.
Sweet tooth for sure--but also somewhat balanced out by a fearsome craving for dark leafy greens and salads. Unfortunately the sweets are easier to eat and require less preparation... 
I don't worry too much about it. I think they are getting lots of good immunity from nursing, I babywear, and I figure my kindergartner is bringing everything home anyway.... but if there was a major outbreak of something locally I might be extra cautious.
I'm here too, but mostly read on my phone which means I mostly lurk ...
I am so terribly sorry.
I'm also pregnant with my 3rd and have a 6 yr old and a 3 year old plus work. I'm exhausted all the time. Naps are rare but when I get one I feel like a much nicer person. No ideas, just sympathy! 
Thanks Peony. That is helpful. We will check around to see if there are any developmental peds near to her. 
Thanks for your reply. Genetics and neuro seem like two routes she might explore--does that sound right to others?
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