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I'm posting on behalf of a friend. Her 14 month old daughter has an array of concerning symptoms: Weight loss Refuses all solid foods Never puts anything in her mouth, toys, etc. Extreme low tone. Rarely rolls, can't get to sitting on her own although she can sit if put in position, making no attempts to crawl or walk She was only diagnosed with low tone and weight loss at her 12 month WBV, although in retrospect she has had these issues since birth. Since then she has...
This must be so scary and stressful. I hope you can get as much help with your kids as possible, and lots of TLC for you. All my best wishes coming your way! 
I'm so sorry. Please take good care of yourself. 
I think the CDC has an online interactive scheduler for figuring this out. It's a good guide, based on their current age and what shots they've had.
When we've gotten into similar patterns, I've just stopped having whatever it is in the house. We eat dinner, and then we do offer a bedtime snack, but it is either whatever wasn't eaten from dinner or another healthy choice, like a piece of fruit, cheese or yogurt. If the snack is way more appealing than dinner, dinner gets skipped, so I try to avoid that. We do have dessert sometimes, and it's not based on eating a certain amount, but it is not an every night thing.
I'm sorry, I wish I could answer your questions. This is beyond my knowledge. I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience.
I think you have gotten a lot of good advice. I really sympathize as I have a couple of picky eaters. I wanted to address the social aspect of how you feel when you are sharing meals with others. We really focus on politeness as a separate issue from eating. We do a lot of practicing before eating with other people. In the car on the way to thanksgiving for example, I will offer them lots of awful sounding foods and they politely decline. "Would you like some green monkey...
So sorry. Wishing you peace and healing.
So very sorry.
So very sorry.
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