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I'm so sorry. Take good care of yourself.
First was about 24 hours, 2.25 of which were pushing. In hospital but no meds. Second was at the birth center. 6 hours from water breaking to baby. Felt fast and furious compared to first. Still a lot of pushing--over an hour. I do pretty well with labor but I really hate pushing. Maybe I will get lucky and have an easier pushing phase this time....
Thinking good thoughts for you! I have several friends who have been through this and ended up with healthy babies. 
I really hope all is well! It sounds like a great idea to call and get in sooner if you can. That is a long time to wait. 
I'm so sorry. Wishing you peace and healing. 
It really kicked in around 5.5 weeks this time, and feels like it is getting steadily worse.... I'm just 8 weeks today. 
-Name: Yuba_River (Francesca)  -Age: 36 -EDD: July 20 -Location: Northern California  -1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd -Baby's sex: Probably won't find out. 
Oh no! My older son used to get croup all the time. It was no fun. I hope he recovers quickly and you don't get too exhausted from all the nursing. 
I'm so sorry Jen. Take good care of yourself.
Yes, we are not planning any more. We weren't sure we would go for a third. I am so glad that we are, but don't think we will be able to have any more. We are already going to be pushing the limits of our house, time and money. I totally agree with everything you said, @samstress about savoring this pregnancy. 
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