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Hello Everyone!    I'm really excited to be joining this group! I loved being part of the August 07 and Nov 2010 DDCs. I'm newly pregnant for the third time. I have two sons (6 and almost 3) and we got pregnant much faster this time than with either of my boys, so I'm pretty shocked to be here already. I tend to be a nervous wreck when I'm pregnant, but we plan for this to be our last child, and my hope is to really cherish every moment of this pregnancy.   In January...
My son is older, almost three, so I do limit and distract him as much as possible. I also make sure his latch is a good one, and then try to distract myself as much as possible-- a good book to read helps! It's the worst when he starts and then subsides a bit.
Yup, same here. No solutions, but you aren't alone.
I have no experience with this, but didn't want to read without posting. What a scary thing! Can you tell if the wheezing is coming from her throat or her lungs? If it's her throat, I could see it being an irritated windpipe--just based on how my kids sound when they have croup, which is also in the throat rather than the lungs. 
I haven't been through what you are describing, but didn't want to read without responding. I'm so sorry. What a terrifying experience, and how awful to be in so much pain now. Is there anyway you can have more help with your kids? Sending you all good wishes for healing.
I also have a heart shaped uterus. It made me worried, but didn't cause any problems. Both boys were born just a few days past 40 weeks, both were head-down and I had straight-forward vaginal deliveries. With my younger son, he tended to hang out in a funny position, and during pushing my midwife did a gentle external straightening out, which seemed to move things along, but I don't know if that was related or not. Just my experience, but I hope your pregnancies and...
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