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I just saw that this is back in stock! I absolutely love this set. I have one of MossFeet's soakers - she knits beautifully
I kept looking at the froggie pants too...but it's hard telling when they would fit Jamie. So buy them, and take me out of my misery! The KIYP long legs are so perfect looking...I'd love a pair in my size!
I second playsilks, they are AWESOME for babies. They can do so much with them - I bought my children their first ones 3 years ago, so I've really been able to watch how they use them differently over the years - Jason was about 18 months old when I bought him some. Joyce at ELLIEBELLY has the softest and most beautiful silks I've ever seen. The colors are gorgeous, and stay true. She usually has a big sale on them this time of the year too! I think you can join her...
Bajo Boutique at Midday Faire has several: Bajo Boutique
I love that front page! It's beautiful! You are supposed to be babymooning, Miss!
I have a beautiful Christmas Softie that may end up on the TP if Jamie doesn't do some growing soon But I can't WAIT for the re-opening of Cloud 9 - they were always a favorite!
I am never in the tub alone. I was a tester for so many of Sherry's diapers...and she for mine. We had packages going back and forth every week. I had a couple of firsts...one was leaked out tho and a WAHM got it out lickety split...after that, I never shared confidences when working on diapers!
What are your fav dipes for outings? My trimmest ones, and myold favorites - Sullybunz and Dewdrops What kind of wipes do you use? Some from Jasmine - Bunnywipes If you use cloth wipes, do you make your own solution in a spray bottle? Nope, just wet them with water What do you carry for diaper rash? Weleda diaper cream Any lotion? Oils? Nope What kind of diaper bag do you carry? A DARLING cowboy one from April Hayes Handbags at...
Ok, I just have to brag - I discovered Lisa of Cloud 9 when she put her first dipes on Ebay (I bought a Noah's Ark print flannel, and a pastel animal flannel - how anal is that memory?) - they have always been a favorite! Steph, I've been waiting quietly for you - but I might have to start swimming soon
My fingers have been itching to buy one of those Moss Feet Knits soakers for DAYS. I have one of Heather's soakers in a smaller size - they are SO cute and she knits beautifully, she is definitely one of those hidden treasures! Moss Feet
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