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Maya40?  I think I have it right.  The Hawaii thread of m-sil vs. c-sil is one of my favorites.
My son's pediatrician is Dr. Matthew Benz at the Southborough Medical Group in Southborough.  I think he's great. He is cool with co-sleeping and when I expressed concerns about vaccinations he is the one who recommended the Dr. Sear's alternative schedule.  His nurse has always called back promptly when I have had questions.  FC
I wouldn't ignore it and hope it blows over; sometimes the smallest, seemingly insignificant things end up festering.  So I would go ahead and apologize not because you did anything that awful, but more as a show of good will and to get everything out in the open.  My guess is, based on the type of person he seems to be, that he will end up apologizing in return and you can both laugh at the miscommunication and the silly guys at the Men's club. FC
Another "somewhere in the middle" here.  For our family it really depends on the type of event; i. e. whether it's a personal event (like dinner or a birthday party) or a big family event.  If it's a party we are throwing for a specific event we will provide everything and try our best to take into consideration special diets and taste preferences.  We don't go out of our way to buy the most expensive, costly food we can get our hands on, but we do try to have lots of...
I know it might be too expensive, but is there any chance you can get a round trip ticket and pick up your kids at their school with court order in hand?
Jeannine is doing a great job playing the devil's advocate.  What she is saying might sting, but it's better to have her (i.e. someone on your side) grill you so you can think about and prepare your answers instead of being grilled by your ex's lawyer. FC
You touched on this in the last post, but for me it would make a difference.  How does he like his future co-workers and new boss?  Who would he rather get a beer after work with?  Being stuck with jerks for 8 hours vs 8 hours with people you genuinely like can make a great job hell.    What about flexible hours?  I know for my commute there is a big difference (30 minutes one way) if I leave at 5:50am instead of  8am. Would he be able (or even want) to work 6am-2pm...
Yes, I have to admit I do, but I also consider start date as well.  As far as low post counts, if they just joined and write about something controversal I think either troll or they didn't read the user agreeement and tend to ignore.  If it's low with a old start date I think lurker (like me).  I don't post much because most people say what I am thinking better than me so I don't feel like I have much to add.  As far as high post counts, if it's high with an old start...
Just as a head's up...10 out of the 35 posts on an inflammatory subject are from first time posters (see other thread on same subject matter in the blended fourm).  Just saying.
"well I don't need much, just 3 squares will do it"   "I'm sorry I don't have a square to spare, I can't spare a square"
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