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IF we have another, we want them to be close together. My husband has been talking about trying again when she is 6 months, but I'm not sure I want to be pregnant and bfing, especially since I was soooo nauseous last time until 24 weeks. I would like to wait until she is one. But I AM super nervous about caring for an infant and toddler together!
I have the desire, but still have pain where I had stitches.
A whole slew of Evie pics.
I tried a paci because there are times (many times ) when Evie cries hysterically and nothing helps - not even the boob. But, she wouldn't take it, not even when calm.
Evie isbreastfed and goes once a day at about 7:30am like clockwork. The rest of the day is up in the air - could be the only time she goes, or it could be she goes 7 more.
Evie's been smiling when I smile for a few weeks (shes 7 weeks today), and laughing in her sleep for about 1-2 weeks. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ahemmeri/2912770586/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/ahemmeri/2935274078/ It certainly makes the hard parts easier to deal with!:
She's only a week old, but most days she sleeps for about 4-8 hours in one stretch and I can't get her to nurse at all. Then she nurses pretty much the rest of the time - sometimes she's just latched on and there is no real sucking, and soemtimes she is going to town. Yesterday there was no sleep time at all.
Hmm..I've tried that, but I am afraid my breasts are too big. I have to hold the weight of them off of her, or it seals off her nose and she breaks the latch. Once I fall asleep, I drop it, and she breaks the latch and starts to cry.
So, i've always heard to sleep when your baby sleeps. What happens when your baby only sleeps 10 minute stretches at a time? She is constantly nursing, although sometimes she slows way down and pretty much sleeps with my nipple in her mouth. If I try to break the seal, she starts crying hysterically. I am feeding her all day and all night and getting 20 minutes of sleep here and there. Help me! I need to get sleep! How long will this last? I am so tired.
How do I get rid of it? I am feeling desperate. I haven't gone for over a week now, and I am in pain and crying and miserable. I just want to heal and enjoy my baby. I've tried stool softeners, double stool softeners, prune juice, milk of magnesia, miralax, suppositories, mineral oil enemas and saline enemas - nothing has worked. I've cut out my pain meds, iron, and processed foods and increased my fiber. My doctor's last suggestion came late Friday - the...
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