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Today we launched our ownership drive!! After a year and a half of solid work, we're crazy excited to start selling ownership shares. Please spread the word & become a member-owner if you live in the area.    http://prairiefood.coop/ownership/
I obviously haven't been on MDC in a while. Oops! I hope some of you were able to make it out to our 1st Annual Harvest Fest last weekend. Great time!   Coming up we have a Food for Thought film series at COD, the first one being held on Oct. 1. Come join us! https://www.facebook.com/events/557246954342858/
We're gaining momentum & have lots of fun coming up so join us! Our first yard sale was a great success, we have monthly fundraising workshops and coming soon is a film & discussion series as well as a Harvest Festival this fall. We can do this, western Chicagoland!    https://www.facebook.com/PrairieCoop
Even though my dreaded journey is over (one lovely still remains!), I'm so excited that my daughter's friend is now wanting them!! She lives across the street, has approval from her parents & I'll be helping her get things going within the next month, probably after school gets out. Passing on the love!
Well friends, the journey is over. I've had the flu for 5 days & spent many hours sitting on the couch, unknotting my dreads. It was the most tedious thing I've ever done in life & can't believe I actually thought that was a good idea. Ha! I left in my favorite one, though, so I'm not completely dreadless.    I'm shocked at how thin my hair is. At first I thought it just felt thin because of the heavy dreads but I'm not so sure. I definitely lost tons of dead hair...
I've combed out 5 dreads at the base of my neck & WOW, what a process. My hand hurts. I'd say it takes 30+ minutes per dread....and I have about 75. Do the math. If I decide to keep going, I need to pace myself or I will have carpel tunnel, for sure!   I go back & forth between wanting to unknot them or just chop them off. I've had super short hair many times so it doesn't scare me....but I'm not quite sure it's time. You know what I mean? My newest thought is to...
Ok mamas, I'm losing steam. My dready adventure has only been a year but it may be coming to an end. Boo. Actually, though, I'm happy with the decision & am looking forward to massaging my scalp like a crazy woman!    So....how?? My first thought is that I have no patience to comb them out but I just watched a few youtube videos & am considering giving it a go. Has anyone done this? I thought about chopping it & having a sassy short 'do but the more I examine my...
Oh nooooooo, Becky!! I honestly have no words. 
Thanks for the dreadiversary love, friends!   Today I did an ACV treatment on my head & it feels much less itchy & dry. I put about a cup of ACV in a squirt bottle & poured it all over my head (scalp & hair) and then covered it all with a shower cap for about 10 minutes. It stung for a few seconds on the areas where my scalp has been the most itchy but now it feels great! 
Happy Dreadiversary to me!   Unbelievable that it's been a year already. Maybe I'll do a little crocheting to celebrate. Lol! They are looking shabby lately with lots of loose hairs....probably from wearing hats in the cold & scratching my scalp from the dry skin. Ugh. But alas, I made it a year & we're going strong!
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