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My friend posted this today and I thought it would be helpful. I've seen this question asked on here a lot...   XOXO   http://www.jakeandlado.com/the-crunchiest-places-to-live-in-colorado/
Yes low carb is very bad for your thyroid! And so are grains, so get lots of carbs from natural sources like sweet pot, quiona, etc.   I love the thyroid madness site!
Tilly monster,   I take emulsified vit d, e, c, selenium, zinc, co-q10, multi, fclo, spirulina, and some other supplements that are helping me lose so much weight.
Check out Carrie's story. She's the blogger at www.deliciouslyorganic.net and cured her hashimotos by going grain free (not low carb though) and lost like 25 pounds or something. There is hope for sure. When are you due? =)
Hang in there. I was diagnosed w/ Hashimotos(sp) and have managed to cure myself and am now auto-free! I'm still overweight too. Your body will adjust and heal if you just eat right (watch the grains as you probably already know).  
Hi ladies! So happy I found this group.   I'm more primal than paleo...although I hate using labels to describe how I eat.   I cut out all grains (except for farrow and quinoa which I eat small amounts of) but still eat carbs, so I'm def. not low/no carb, but am grain free and I do eat some raw dairy and love my fats. Whew...kinda confusing lol.   I was not having success at weight loss and started taking some natural supplements that turn your fat burner on...
I'm losing a lot of weight going grain-free. I'm not really low carb - I don't eat nearly as many carbs as I did while eating grains though. I feel great too. I'm taking some natural supplements that are "turbo charging" my metabolism which is another big reason I'm losing. But yeah...I love it.
I'm having great success w/ it. Although I'm not low carb - I am grain free. Losing so much weight and my energy is insane. =)  
The PH of baking soda and acv are really bad for your hair. They will raise the hair follicle and eventually start to damage them. Also baking soda is abrasive and it will start to eat away at the hair, even putting holes in the follicles The reason it's not working anymore is because of build up caused by the two. Clarify your hair and it will return back to normal.   A gentle shampoo is so much better for your hair. Try Cali Baby extra sensitive. It gentle enough...
We did it for my son who was in liver failure. It helped with a lot of the symptoms that came with liver failure. I highly recommend it.  
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