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Jake 8/6/08 Liver failure Transplanted 6/14/12  
Hey girls, I have been lurking here for a long time, but never posted.   Food was my drug over the past 4 years and I managed to get up to almost 200 pounds (and I'm only 5 foot 2)!!!   I tried so many diets - WW, Jenny Craig, Nurti System, Paleo, HCG, Raw vegan, etc, etc. Nothing worked! Nothing!   My friend recently lost a lot of weight (went from size 14 to size 6) and I decided to try her program and bam! I'm now officially a fat burning machine. My...
I need some kefir grains asap! My son has been on long term antibiotics for his liver disease and I wanna start to culture some raw milk I get from a local dairy. I will drive to pick them up. Thx.
I LOVE Louisville which is crunchy and next door to Boulder.
Hi,   I live in Westminster, and I found a really cool (very small and loving) daycare center that is super affordable. I found it by mistake actually while I was interviewing a private christain school. I forgot the name, but it's on 98th and Sherdian behind the north west church of christ. I think their rates were 200 a month for 4 full time days a week. You should check it out, I really really liked it.
Because I have not found any yet and I would like to connect with like minded ppl. Thx.
I'm not having any luck finding a good one for my son.Thx.
My son pooped in his diaper last night while sleeping and the poo got all over the head of his penis (not cir.) and now it's so swollen and so red. It almost looks like there is a huge blister on the tip now.I cant even pull the skin back and he's in severe pain. Anyone dealt with this or have advise?   doctor can't get him in which would mean a trip to the ER which im trying to avoid.  
We move to Westminster in one month and I would love to find a really natural type of doctor for my boys. Someone who knows nutrition and diet, natural healing, ok with not vaccinating etc. Don't mind driving a bit if we find a good doc. Thx    
We are moving to Colorado in April and so far my favorite area is Superior/Broomfield/Westmisister.   Just wondering about Highlands Ranch and Littleton?   We are looking for a Green and Natural area. Access to natural markets, farmers markets, nature, etc.   Trying to stay away from yuppie or conservative areas.   Any other areas? My hubby got a job in North Denver.   Thx
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